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Tottenham Hale

Collected date 20/06/15

I changed trains at Tottenham Hale on the way to meet a friend at Beckenham Junction. The station is entirely modern, having been completely rebuilt in the 1990s.

The line runs approximately north-south here, and the main entrance to the station is from a plaza to its west:

Tottenham Hale front

Behind me, on the west side of the plaza is Tottenham Hale bus station:

Tottenham Hale bus station

On the south side is the entrance to the Underground station:

Tottenham Hale
underground station front

The entrance to the Underground station under the canopy:

Tottenham Hale
underground station entrance

The tower above the Underground station bears the National Rail and Underground logos and has a blue glass top:

Tottenham Hale tower

The entrance to the rail station is this gateline:

Tottenham Hale entrance

Adjacent to the entrance, porthole-like windows look into the waiting room:

Tottenham Hale portholes

The entrance gives onto platform 2. Under the canopy on platform 2 looking south:

Tottenham Hale platform
2 under canopy

Further north along platform 2 looking south towards the covered areas of the platforms:

Tottenham Hale platform 2 looking

Looking north along platform 2:

Tottenham Hale platform 2 looking

At the southern end of platform 2 steps lead up to the footbridge connecting the two platforms. On the right (usually closed) is a door connecting to the Underground station:

Tottenham Hale platform 2
footbridge entrance

The footbridge:

Tottenham Hale footbridge

On the footbridge looking westwards towards the station buildings:

Tottenham Hale on the

Looking north from the footbridge:

Tottenham Hale looking north
from the footbridge

Looking south from the footbridge towards Ferry Lane bridge:

Tottenham Hale looking south
from the footbridge

The exit from the footbridge on platform 1, both by escalator and stairs:

Tottenham Hale platform 1
footbridge exit

Looking north along platform 1:

Tottenham Hale platform 1 looking

Looking south towards the footbridge on platform 1:

Tottenham Hale platform 1 looking

Leaving the station and heading towards the Ferry Lane road bridge over the line to its south we encounter the end of the Underground ticket hall:

Hale Underground ticket hall rear

On the south side of Ferry Lane bridge is another entrance to the Underground station:

Tottenham Hale southern

From the road bridge looking north at the station:

Tottenham Hale looking
north from bridge