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Surrey Quays

Collected date 26/04/15

Surrey Quays station was part of the London Underground East London Line and moved with the rest of the line to be part of the Overground's East London line. It's close to where a friend lives so I've been through it a few times. The front of the station building on Gower Road, to the east of the line:

Surrey Quays front

The station at street level sits in a Vee of streets. The rear side of the station on Rotherhithe Old Road has a sequence of round brick excrescences:

Surrey Quays rear

The concourse has barriers and beyond that steps lead down to both platforms:

Surrey Quays concourse

A corridor leads to the platform 2 side of the station, and from it one can look south:

Surrey Quays looking south
from bridge

At the end of the corridor steps lead down to platform 2:

Surrey Quays platform 2 steps

On platform 2 for southbound trains, looking north at the bridge:

Surrey Quays platform 2 looking

Looking along platform 2 from its north end:

Surrey Quays from north

Looking north from the end of platform 2:

Surrey Quays looking north

Looking under the bridge at platform 1:

Surrey Quays under bridge

Platform 1 seen from platform 2:

Surrey Quays platform 1 seen
from platform 2

Looking south from the end of platform 2:

Surrey Quays looking south