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St Austell

Collected date 25/05/05

St Austell sign

St Austell was the endpoint of an afternoon walk from Luxulyan via Par and the South West Coast Path. We arrived in the late afternoon light to this view of the station:

St Austell looking west

One of St Austell's station buildings is old, one new. The modern building on platform 1, seen from the adjacent bus station:

St Austell entrance

The station building from the side, with the footbridge and platform 2 building in the background:

St Austell modern building

Under the shelter on platform 1:

St Austell platform 1

The two platforms are linked with a footbridge, lacking its roof at the time of our visit:

St Austell footbridge

Looking east from the footbridge:

St Austell looking east

Looking west:

St Austell looking west

At the western end of platform 2 is the now unused signal box:

St Austell signal box

The building on platform 2, seen first from platform 1 and then from the bus station outside:

St Austell platform 2 building St Austell platform 2 building from

Finally, by the road outside the station was this GWR boundary marker:

St Austell GWR boundary marker

St Austell sign

The year before my visit, a friend Gareth visited Cornwall and came back with a present of a few pictures of St. Austell station. He writes:

"18/9/2004. Last day in Cornwall, so back to St Austell station. It was raining, but I took a few photos there for Owen."

Looking along platform 1 towards the bridge:

St Austell platforms 1 and 2

Under the canopy of platform 2:

St Austell platform 2

The footbridge, with the GWR roundel on the left:

St Austell footbridge

Looking along the tracks from the footbridge:

St Austell tracks