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Collected date 22/05/06

Starcross sign

From Exmouth a short ferry ride took us to Starcross, where the pier leads straight onto the station.

Looking north along the line from the station footbridge:

Starcross looking north

Looking south from the station footbridge, with the ferry pier visible on the left:

Starcross looking south

Looking along the southbound platform at the footbridge and the station building:

Starcross footbridge and building

This double-headed lamp lights both the platform and the footbridge:

Starcross lamps

From the road side the building on the northbound platform is a fairly grubby looking chippy with a toilet block behind it:

Starcross building

This odd hut is at one end of the northbound platform:

Starcross hut

The southbound platform has been widened and extends over the water:

Starcross widened platform