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Collected date 17/05/08

Shirehampton sign

Shirehampton is a small stop on the Severn Beach line which serves the village of the same name. It is approached from a car park to the north of the station:

Shirehampton approach

This building on the path to the platform looks like it might once have had a ticket window:

Shirehampton old building

The path leads onto the western end of the platform:

Shirehampton platform

The brick and wood shelter on the platform:

Shirehampton shelter

Looking west along the platform towards the shelter:

Shirehampton platform

Looking westwards from the end of the platform:

Shirehampton looking west

Opposite, among the shrubbery, a disused second platform can be seen:

Shirehampton disused platform

Looking east along the line from the end of the platform:

Shirehampton looking east

To the east of the station, Hung Road crosses the line. Looking westwards from the bridge towards the station:

Shirehampton from bridge
looking west

Looking eastwards from the bridge:

Shirehampton from bridge
looking east