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Collected date 26/04/15

Shadwell station is another that existed as part of the Underground's East London Line before transferring to the Overground in 2010. Matching the style of other Overground stations, the bold New Johnston TfL station name sits above the entrance to the station on the southern entrance, from Cable Street:

Shadwell southern entrance

Inside the concourse looking south towards the entrance:

Shadwell concourse

There is a second entrance into the concourse on the station's north side, on Cornwall Street:

Shadwell northern entrance

This entrance is to make connections with the DLR rather easier, as the DLR station is a short distance away on the other side of Watney Street:

Shadwell DLR bridge Shadwell DLR entrance

Back in the National Rail station, lifts and steps lead down from the concourse to a lower concourse:

Shadwell steps

From here steps lead down to both platforms, reaching them at their southern end. Looking north along platform 2:

Shadwell platform 2 looking north

The platform walls are decorated with art:

Shadwell art

The northern end of the platforms is open to the sky under metal beams:

Shadwell metal beams Shadwell metal beams

Platform 1:

Shadwell platform 1