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Sea Mills

Collected date 17/05/08

Sea Mills sign

Sea Mills is a small station on the Severn Beach Line, very close to the river Avon.

The station building, on the approach to the station from the east:

Sea Mills building

The entrance to the station and level crossing:

Sea Mills level crossing

The rear of the station building, seen from the other side of the line:

Sea Mills building rear

On the station platform, the building seen from the south:

Sea Mills building from

A long view of the platform from over the line. The building in the middle is the old station house:

Sea Mills long view

A closer view of the station house, from the front of the station:

Sea Mills station house

The station house seen from the platform:

Sea Mills station house
from platform

Some mosaics on an otherwise blank piece of wall on the platform:

Sea Mills mosaics

Looking north along the platform at Sea Mills, with the disused second platform visible on the left:

Sea Mills platform looking north

Looking south along the platform at Sea Mills:

Sea Mills platform looking south

At the north end of the station, the line crosses an inlet from the river Avon:

Sea Mills looking north

To the right (north) of the station entrance, this path curves beneath the line:

Sea Mills exit