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Collected date 26/05/05

Saltash sign

Saltash - Royal Albert Bridge

After seeing the magnificent engineering achievement of the Royal Albert Bridge by means of which trains enter Saltash, the station itself is a sad sight. It doesn't look bad from a distance in this shot taken from the Tamar Bridge:

Saltash in the distance

When you get closer, though, the building is fenced off and decaying. Not much of a welcome to Cornwall!

Saltash building

The rear of the building is equally sad. However, the small notice on the door indicates that the building is to be restored and operated as a Brunel Heritage Centre:

Saltash building rear

The station area looking east:

Saltash looking east

The shelter on the westbound platform:

Saltash westbound shelter

The shelter on the eastbound platform has a sign offering tickets, but the station is actually unstaffed:

Saltash eastbound shelter

A small garden brigthens up the eastbound platform:

Saltash garden