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Collected date 03/03/12

Reedham sign

Reedham is a village in the Norfolk Broads, with a station on the Wherry Lines. I visited on a beautiful afternoon and explored the village for a little bit, finding the famous swing bridge which crosses the River Yare here:

Reedham Swing Bridge

Back at the station itself, the front of the station building:

Reedham front

The side of the station building, from the car park:

Reedham side

A road crosses the line just to the west of the station, from which I got this view of the rear of the station building:

Reedham rear

There is a fenced off gap in platform 1, seen here:

Reedham platform gap

Looking east along the line from the road bridge:

Reedham from bridge, looking

Another road crosses the line to the east of the station just beyond the signalbox. Looking back towards the station from that bridge:

Reedham from east

The road bridge that passes through the station is fenced with corrugated steel:

Reedham bridge

There is no direct access to the road bridge from the station, as a footbridge crosses the line just to its west:

Reedham footbridge

Beyond the footbridge on platform 1 are two modern shelters:

Reedham platform 1 shelters

At the western end of platform 1 just beyond the point where passengers may not pass, lurks this bin Dalek:

Reedham Dalek

Looking east along the platforms from the end of platform 1:

Reedham from west

The building on platform 2:

Reedham platform 2