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Collected date 22/05/05

Redruth sign

Redruth is on the Great Western main line. I arrived there after a walk over the hills from Camborne. The line enters Redruth from the west over a viaduct:

Redruth viaduct

The front of the station bears a sign that describes it as platform 3; this is in fact a bus stop for the bus link to Helston:

Redruth platform 3

A view of the platforms, looking east towards the footbridge:

Redruth platforms

As the line goes east it disappears under a bridge and then into a cutting:

Redruth, looking east

The footbridge and platforms, from the east end of the station:

Redruth footbridge

Platform 2:

Redruth platform 2

A detail of the GWR roundel and date (1888) on the footbridge:

Redruth footbridge GWR roundel

Just as at Insch in Scotland, Redruth station is overlooked by a monument and fort on the hills between Redruth and Camborne:

Redruth and monument Redruth and monument