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Collected date 12/05/08

Redland sign

Redland is a small station on the Severn Beach Line out of Bristol which was convenient for our B&B. Walking along the passageway to the left of the sign leads you to the rear of the station building:

Redland rear

Leading on to the platform next to the building:

Redland side

Under the station building's canopy:

Redland under canopy

The station building is now disused and locked up, but the doors show it was once otherwise, minus a letter:

Redland loakroom door

The station building seen looking east along the platform:

Redland platform looking east

A footbridge crosses the line at the western end of the station:

Redland footbridge

The station building seen from the footbridge:

Redland building from the

Presumably the footbridge once served to provide access to the second platform. which is now thoroughly overgrown. Seen here looking west along the station:

Redland disused platform

Looking east along the line from the end of the platform:

Redland looking east

Looking west along the line from under the footbridge:

Redland looking west