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Collected date 26/05/05

Plymouth sign

Plymouth station is served by a large number of train operating companies and has a correspondingly large number of platforms: six for passengers and three unnumbered platforms.

The entrance to the modern concourse area:

Plymouth concourse

Inside the concourse, looking towards the entrance:

Plymouth concourse

A large number of pot plants brighten the ticket office:

Plymouth ticket office

Walking from the concourse into the platform area, the first platforms you encounter are unnumbered and not used for passenger trains. A bay at the west end of the station:

Plymouth west bay

Next to that western bay is another bay platform which is numbered platform 3 and used by trains on the branch to Gunnislake. Directly opposite are two more bay platforms, the one on the right raised and formerly used for the Royal Mail's Travelling Post Office trains:

Plymouth east bays

The bays seen from along the platform. The tower block is Inter City House, a large office block built into the station accommodating various railway companies:

Plymouth bays

Back outside the station, the access area once used for loading and unloading mail from the mail trains can be seen:

Plymouth mail access area

Platform 4, looking east:

Plymouth platform 4

Looking west along platform 4:

Plymouth platform 4, looking west

Looking east along platform 6, with platform 5 on the right:

Plymouth platform 6

The building on platform 7:

Plymouth platform 7 building

The canopy and signage on the platform 7 building are still in the green-and-cream colours of the first operator of the Great Western franchise after privatisation:

Plymouth platform 7 signage

Platform 8, looking east:

Plymouth platform 8

At the western end of the station are these towers which protrude from the platform canopies, the tops of the lift shafts between the platforms and the subway that links them:

Plymouth towers

This "signal box" is at the western end of the station on the concourse side:

Plymouth signal box