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Collected date 22/05/05

In late May 2005, Ben Harris and I travelled down to Cornwall for a week's worth of visiting every station in Cornwall with a fair bit of walking holiday thrown in as well. The long journey from Cambridge got us here, to Penzance.

Penzance sign

Penzance welcomes you... with a lump of granite and a mosaic of the coastline of Cornwall overlaid with the white-on-black Cornish flag. Beyond the granite is platform 4; the other platforms are through the entrance to the left.

Penzance welcomes you

The entrance:

Penzance entrance

Inside the trainshed it is quite gloomy:

Penzance murk

Platforms 1-3 terminate inside the trainshed. Looking first along the line and then into the concourse:

Penzance platform end Penzance buffers

From the road which climbs to the side of the railway, I got these views of the trainshed and looking east at platforms 1 and 2:

Penzance trainshed Penzance platforms 1 and 2

From the same vantage point just north of the station complex, the gentle curve of the station building can be made out. It's virtually unnoticeable from the inside:

Penzance curve

Looking along platform 3 into the trainshed:

Penzance platform 3

Looking east along platforms 1-4 with the signal box in the distance:

Penzance platforms 1-4

Looking west along platform 3/4 towards the trainshed. To the left of platform 4 are another two sidings, possibly used to get cars on and off Motorail services?

Penzance, looking west