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Newton Abbot

Collected date 23/05/06

Newton Abbot sign

Newton Abbot is a major station on the Great Western Main Line, and is the point at which one changes for the branch to Paignton.

The front of the station building:

Newton Abbot front

The footbridge suggests there were once tracks adjacent to the station building but now there are just carparks and a walkway. Here we look back at the station building from the nearest platform, platform 3:

Newton Abbot platform 3

Looking south along platform 3:

Newton Abbot platform 3

Looking north under the canopy on platform 3:

Newton Abbot platform 3, looking

The stairs looking up to the footbridge on platform 3:

Newton Abbot stairs

Looking south along platform 2:

Newton Abbot platform 2

Looking south along platform 1:

Newton Abbot platform 1

A disused platform to the north of Newton Abbot station:

Newton Abbot disused

Looking north from the end of platform 3:

Newton Abbot, looking north

Looking south along the line:

Newton Abbot, looking south