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Nailsea and Backwell

Collected date 12/05/08

Nailsea and Backwell sign

Nailsea and Backwell station is one of those stations which cannot decide what its name is. It's in the village of Backwell and close to Nailsea, and was opened first as Nailsea. As both settlements grew it was renamed to Nailsea and Backwell in 1905, but reverted (presumably for simplicity) to Nailsea in 1974. It's now Nailsea and Backwell again, but not all the signage agrees:

Nailsea and Backwell
invisible Backwell

The railway line bridges the road between Nailsea and Backwell, and access to the platforms is via steps either side of the line. The approach to platform 1:

Nailsea and Backwell
platform 1 approach

The steps to platform 1 come out just behind the litter bin in this view of the platform from the footbridge:

Nailsea and Backwell platform

Looking east along platform 1 with platform 2 on the left and the footbridge in the distance:

Nailsea and Backwell
platforms looking east

Safety notice or invitation to Grand Theft Bridgie?

Please take (care when
using) the footbridge

A plaque on the footbridge indicates who made it:

E Finch & Co Limtd
Engineers & Ironfounders Chepstow 1907

Looking east and then west along the line from the footbridge:

Looking east from
footbridge Looking west from

Platform 2:

Nailsea and Backwell platform

Platform 2 is accessed by steps leading down to a car park:

Nailsea and Backwell

Looking west along the line:

Nailsea and Backwell looking