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Collected date 14/05/08

Montpelier sign

On the Severn Beach Line, and only a short distance from our B&B, Montpelier was a good place to start a day's exploring. The front of the station building, now in use by Period Fireplaces:

Montpelier front

Beside the station building, the entrance to the platform:

Montpelier entrance

The rear of the station building is brightly painted with art:

Montpelier rear

Some more art and a little garden further along the platform:

Montpelier art

Only one platform is in use, although a disused one survives opposite. Looking east along the working platform:

Montpelier platform looking east

Looking west along the platform at the station buildings and footbridge:

Montpelier platform looking west

Although the footbridge is no longer needed to reach the other platform, it is still open as a way to cross the tracks. The view east from the footbridge:

Montpelier from footbridge
looking east

Looking west from the footbridge:

Montpelier from footbridge
looking west

Looking east along the line:

Montpelier looking east

Looking west:

Montpelier looking west

The disused platform seen from the western end of the opposite platform:

Montpelier disused platform