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Millbrook (Hants)

Collected date 21/05/07

Millbrook Hants sign

Millbrook station is probably bleak at the best of times, being just a platform in the industrial areas west of Southampton. On the day of our visit it was particularly grim because of the rain.

All access to the station is via the footbridge which spans both the railway and the adjacent road:

Millbrook Hants footbridge

The station platform seen from the footbridge:

Millbrook Hants platform

On the platform, looking east at the non-functional departures display:

Millbrook Hants platforms 1 and
2, looking east

Looking west on the platforms:

Millbrook Hants platforms 1 and
2, looking west

Looking west from the footbridge. To the left is a vast car park full of imported Renaults:

Millbrook Hants looking west
from footbridge

The western end of the platform:

Millbrook Hants looking west