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Collected date 24/07/04

March station sign

March is on the line between Ely and Peterborough, and has a number of sidings as well as a junction to the newly reopened Whitemoor goods yard. The station is a sad place, however: unmanned and deserted most of the time with only the creak of the platform number signs swinging in the wind. Platforms 1 and 2, that is. Two more platforms exist from the station's grander days, but are fenced off and becoming overgrown.

The front of March station building:

March building frontage

The windows of the station building on the platform side still have frosted text:

March window detail

Platforms 1 and 2:

March platform 1 March platforms 1 and 2, looking East

The two operational platforms are connected by a footbridge which also leads onwards to the non-operational platform 4. The bridge gives good views of the station roof:

March bridge March from the bridge

Platforms 3 and 4 for Spalding and Wisbech. Except they're not. Wisbech station was demolished long ago, the line from March to Spalding finally closed in 1981, and a wheelchair ramp now cuts through the old trackbed. You can still stand and wait, though. (Since I visited, the Wisbech and March Bramleyline group has started discussions with Network Rail with a view to reopening a rail link to Wisbech. I wish them the best of luck.)

March platforms 3 and 4 March platforms 3 and 4 March platform 4

On platform 4 is a building, presumably a second entrance to the station from busier days:

March platform 4 building