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Collected date 27/06/11

Manea sign

Manea station only has a very limited service, but survived closure because in this part of the world the railway may be the only passable way into the village when the roads are flooded. The service isn't great, though; two trains a day in each direction.

Starting at the level crossing, looking north:

Manea level crossing looking north

Looking south along the road:

Manea level crossing looking south

Just to the east of the line and level crossing is the signalbox:

Manea signalbox

The entry to platform 1 from the road:

Manea platform 1 entrance

The ramp up to platform 1:

Manea platform 1 ramp

On platform 1, looking north:

Manea platform 1

Looking south along platform 1:

Manea platform 1 looking south

From the foot of platform 2 opposite, a view of both platforms:

Manea platforms

On platform 2, the small wooden shelter:

Manea platform 2 shelter

This gradient marker is on platform 2, showing that there's not much in the way of gradient around these parts:

Manea gradient marker

Looking south on platform 2:

Manea platform 2

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 2:

Manea looking north