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Collected date 19/08/12

Mallaig sign

Mallaig is the northern terminus of the line from Fort William and where the Jacobite steam service stops for a couple of hours before returning. The front of the station building, which is partly occupied by the railway and partly by a fish and chip shop:

Mallaig front

The eastern side of the station building:

Mallaig eastern side

The rear of the station building, seen from the platforms:

Mallaig rear

The rear of the station building with the exit to the road next to the buffers, and the entrance to the travel centre:

Mallaid rear door

Closed when I visited, this is the ticket hall at Mallaig:

Mallaig booking

On the western side of the station building, the line extends almost to the building's front. For steam services, the locomotive pulls up to these buffers:

Mallaig platform 1 buffers

On platform 1, looking south:

Mallaig platform 1 looking south

A ground frame allows the engine to run around the coaches for the return trip:

Mallaig ground frame

Looking north along the platforms at the end of the line and the station building:

Mallaig platforms looking north

Next to the running line on platform 2 is this overgrown siding. On the left is the Mallaig Heritage Centre:

Mallaig siding

Looking south back along the line from the end of the platforms:

Mallaig, looking south