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Collected date 29/04/12

Maidenhead sign

Maidenhead lies on the Great Western Main Line and is the junction for the branch line to Marlow.

The station has two entrances. The main one has a car park and is on the north side of the line. The station approach, in the rain:

Maidenhead front, long view

The canopy and entrance to the station building:

Maidenhead entrance

The southern `rear' entrance to the station, housing the bike racks:

Maidenhead rear entrance

The raised platforms are all connected by a ground-level subway. The top of the rear station building becomes the building on platform 1:

Maidenhead platform 1 building

Platforms 2 and 3 form an island, here looking east:

Maidenhead platforms 2 and 3 looking

The steps down from platforms 2 and 3 to the subway:

Maidenhead platforms 2 and 3

Looking west under the canopy on platform 2:

Maidenhead platform 2 looking west

Platforms 2 and 3 have an overall roof, as can be seen in this shot from platform 4 opposite:

Maidenhead platform 3

This statue sits on one of the benches on platform 3:

Maidenhead statue Maidenhead statue

Looking west along platform 3, with platform 4 on the right:

Maidenhead platforms 3, 4, and 5
looking west

Platform 4:

Maidenhead platform 4

Platform 5, looking into its unusual overhead wooden roof. Trains to Marlow usually use this platform:

Maidenhead platform 5

In the gloom of this shed, looking west:

Maidenhead in shed

Underneath the wooden roof, the building between platforms 4 and 5:

Maidenhead platforms 4 and 5

Back on platforms 2 and 3, looking west along the line. The Marlow branch curves off to the right:

Maidenhead looking west