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Collected date 23/05/05

Just a short distance away from the new Park and Ride station at Lelant Saltings is Lelant, which retains its wooden station building. The platform has lots of signs so that Park and Ride customers don't get off at the wrong station, but none suggesting that people wanting to catch a train walk to the other station, which has a much more frequent service.

The rear of the station building and the "you didn't want to get off here" sign:

Lelant rear

The station building from the road:

Lelant building

The station building is now a private residence, but they do cream teas for the weary to enjoy in this garden while waiting for a train:

Lelant garden

A long view of the platform from the north:

Lelant platform

The station building and platform from the other end:

Lelant platform and building

The menus at the station had information about the place's history on the back. Lelant once had a signal box which controlled a crossing over the railway and the Hayle estuary beyond. The crossing gateposts remain next to a foot crossing over the line:

Lelant crossing