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Collected date 26/05/05

Keyham sign

Keyham station is one of three very closely grouped stations in western Plymouth. On one side the entrance to the station is via a bridge, which has a fence in the shape of a steam locomotive:

Keyham bridge locomotive

One platform face of the island platform is unusued, but a white line has been freshly painted on it and while we waited there, Network Rail workmen started strimming the weeds on the trackbed here:

Keyham unused platform

From the bridge, looking north along platform 2:

Keyham, platform 2, looking north

Platform 2, looking south at the footbridge:

Keyham platform 2 and bridge

An old sign on the bridge:

Keyham; Passengers are requested
to cross the line by the bridge

Platform 1 and its shelter, from the footbridge:

Keyham platform 1 shelter

A view of the whole station area, looking north:

Keyham looking north

Looking south from the footbridge:

Keyham looking south