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Great Chesterford

Collected date 11/06/05

Great Chesterford sign

I stopped at Great Chesterford, on the line from Cambridge to Liverpool St, at the start of a walk with some friends over to nearby Linton.

The station building on the southbound platform 1:

Great Chesterford front

The simple wooden canopy:

Great Chesterford canopy

The rear of the station building is extremely plain:

Great Chesterford rear

Platform 1, looking south:

Great Chesterford platform 1,
looking south

Looking north from platform 1 at the footbridge:

Great Chesterford

From the footbridge, looking north:

Great Chesterford, looking
north from the bridge

Looking south along the line from the footbridge:

Great Chesterford, looking south
from the bridge

Platform 2, looking south. From the style of the platform at this point, it has evidently been extended in modern times to handle longer trains:

Great Chesterford platform 2,
looking south