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Goodrington Sands

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Collected date 23/05/06

Goodrington Sands sign

The queues for the first steam train out of Paignton Queens Park were too long, so we walked to Goodrington Sands to catch the train there. The station, though, is nothing special:

Goodrington Sands front

The rear of the station building. The coloured light is a signal, making this the only heritage railway I've seen to use colour light signalling:

Goodrington Sands rear

Only one of the station's two platforms is in use. Looking north along it back to the station building, with Quaywest Water Park on the right:

Goodrington Sands

From the road bridge on which the station building stands, looking north along the line:

Goodrington Sands looking

Looking south from the end of the platform:

Goodrington Sands looking