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Collected date 07/06/08

Foxton sign

A pleasant June day saw me take the bike out from Cambridge to Foxton, one of three small stations between Cambridge and Royston which are only served by the slowest trains. The approach to Foxton station:

Foxton approach

The entrance to platform 1:

Foxton platform 1 entrance

Platform 1 has its own station building, seen here from platform 2 opposite:

Foxton platform 1 building

The side of the station building, backing on to a field:

Foxton building side

Looking west along platform 1 next to the building:

Foxton platform 1 looking west

From the end of platform 1, looking east:

Foxton looking east

Looking west at the platforms:

Foxton platforms looking west

A footpath leads down from platform 1 to the High Street of Foxton itself:

Foxton footpath

At the western end of platform 1 is the level crossing:

Foxton level crossing

The signalbox and level crossing seen from platform 2:

Foxton signalbox and level crossing

Platform 2 on the right has just a brick shelter:

Foxton platform 2