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Collected date 20/07/13

Elmswell sign

After one of many 100km rides in 2013 we returned to Elmswell station, and with some time to spare before the train back to Cambridge I wandered around with a camera.

Starting at the level crossing which is the only connection between the two platforms:

Elmswell level crossing

The entrance ramp to platform 1, for trains back towards Cambridge:

Elmswell platform 1 entrance

The station building on platform 1:

Elmswell platform 1 building

Most of the station building is in private hands as a travel agents, but there is a small alcove for passengers to shelter in:

Elmswell alcove

Detail of one of the spandrels under the canopy on platform 1:

Elmswell spandrel

On platform 1, looking east:

Elmswell platform 1 looking east

On the other side, the entrance to platform 2:

Elmswell platform 2 entrance

On platform 2, looking east at the shelter:

Elmswell platform 2 shelter

Looking west along both platforms:

Elmswell platforms looking west

From the western end of platform 2, looking west along the line:

Elmswell looking west

From the far side of the level crossing, looking east along the line:

Elmswell looking east