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Digby and Sowton

Collected date 22/05/06

Digby and Sowton sign

Pronounced with the "Sow" in "Sowton" rhyming with "how", Digby and Sowton station serves a large Park and Ride site as well as the Sowton Industrial Estate. The modern station building is covered with graffiti:

Digby and Sowton front

The boarded-up window in the station building seems like it might have once been a ticket window:

Digby and Sowton tickets

The station building leads onto a joint foot and cycle bridge, seen in this shot looking south along the platform. (The station building is behind the trees on the right of the bridge.)

Digby and Sowton footbridge

Looking north along the platform at the shelter:

Digby and Sowton shelter

Looking south from the end of the platform:

Digby and Sowton looking south