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Dalston Junction

Collected date 26/04/15

Dalston Junction sign

Dalston Junction station is a new station, built as part of the Overground East London Line in 2005. The lines are below ground, with a concourse at ground level. The northern entrance to the station:

Dalston Junction front

The entrance leads to a corridor between two entrances to the station. Looking north along the corridor:

Dalston Junction corridor

The corridor gives into a small concourse area with ticket office and ticket barrier:

Dalston Junction

Looking towards the ticket gates and steps down to the platforms:

Dalston Junction ticket

Looking back at the steps from platform level:

Dalston Junction platform

The station has four tracks, with two through lines on the outside and two terminating tracks in the middle. Looking south from the end of platforms 2 and 3:

Dalston Junction platforms 2
and 3

Platform 3 looking north:

Dalston Junction platform 3