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Collected date 14/01/06

Cheshunt is on the line between Cambridge and London Liverpool Street, and is the place to change for the branches to Hertford East and Seven Sisters.

The rather gloomy box of a ticket office was closed, so access to the platforms was via a gate to the right of this photo:

Cheshunt ticket office

Looking north from the end of northbound platform 2:

Cheshunt, looking north

Looking south along platform 2, with the closed ticket office to the right:

Cheshunt, platform 2

Looking south from the end of platform 2. To the right is a bay platform, platform 3:

Cheshunt, looking south

Looking south at platform 3 from the footbridge:

Cheshunt, looking south from
the bridge

Looking down from the other side of the bridge at the station buildings on platform 2 and the building work on platform 1:

Cheshunt, looking north from
the bridge