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Canada Water

Collected date 26/04/15

Canada Water sign

Canada Water station was built for the Underground's Jubilee line extension where it formed a junction with the then Underground's East London Line, but with the East London Line's transfer to the Overground it's in scope for me, so I paid it a visit. The station's main entrance is inside this big glass rotunda, which is surrounded by a bus station:

Canada Water glass rotunda

Inside the rotunda:

Canada Water inside rotunda

The escalator was being built (or maybe rebuilt) at the time of my visit:

Canada Water escalator

There is a big underground concourse with coffee shops etc:

Canada Water concourse

And further down there are steps leading down to the platforms:

Canada Water steps

Looking at the platforms from the steps:

Canada Water platforms
from steps

On the platform:

Canada Water platforms

Then from the Overground platforms there are steps, escalators, and lifts down to the Jubilee Line:

Canada Water steps
down to the Underground