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Collected date 27/05/06

Buckfastleigh sign

Buckfastleigh is the northern terminus of the South Devon Railway from Totnes Littlehempston. Like so much else on the SDR, the station building is decorated in the traditional colours of the Great Western Railway:

Buckfastleigh front

The entrance to the booking office:

Buckfastleigh entrance

The platform-side entrance of the station building:

Buckfastleigh rear

The platform canopy:

Buckfastleigh building

Under the canopy:

Buckfastleigh under

Looking south along the platform:

Buckfastleigh platform

The footbridge:

Buckfastleigh footbridge

Under the footbridge at the southern end of the station is the signalbox:

Buckfastleigh signalbox

Looking south along the line from the footbridge:

Buckfastleigh looking south