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Bristol Parkway

Collected date 14/05/08

Bristol Parkway sign

Bristol Parkway station is to the north of Bristol itself, situated on the main line between London and South Wales. Although the station itself was opened in the 1970s, the current station buildings are 21st Century, seen here from the car park:

Bristol Parkway front

The north side of the station building is the main entrance to the concourse:

Bristol Parkway entrance

Inside the building, looking up towards the "upper concourse" which joins the footbridge spanning the tracks:

Bristol Parkway concourse

Looking down from the upper level:

Bristol Parkway

A view of the station building from the platforms, showing the goods line which passes between the station building and the platforms:

Bristol Parkway seen from

The long windows in the upper concourse level allow us this view of the footbridge:

Bristol Parkway footbridge

Inside the foootbridge with the upper concourse behind us:

Bristol Parkway inside

From inside the footbridge, the view west along the line:

Bristol Parkway looking west
from footbridge

Looking east along the line from the footbridge:

Bristol Parkway looking east
from footbridge

Platform 4 is the nearest platform to the station buildings, looking west:

Bristol Parkway platform 4

A close-up of the car-park facing side of the station building:

Bristol Parkway building rear

Looking east on platform 4:

Bristol Parkway platform 4
looking east

Looking west under the canopy on platform 4:

Bristol Parkway platform
4 under canopy

Platform 3 is the other side of the island platform, with platform 2 opposite it:

Bristol Parkway platforms 2 and

Platform 2 seen from platform 3:

Bristol Parkway platform 2

The stairs and lift up to the footbridge from the platforms form a splendid curve:

Bristol Parkway platform 2

Looking east along the line from the end of the island platform:

Bristol Parkway looking east

Looking west along the line from the other end:

Bristol Parkway looking west