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Collected date 11/09/04

Boston station sign

On my way back from Skegness I stopped off at Boston. The day was drawing on and it was getting colder, making it feel like a very bleak place.

The main entrance to the ticket office, closed of course at that time on a Saturday:

Boston arcade

The west end of the building is taken up by Shunters bar, whose hot sausage rolls were nearly as welcome as the half of mild!

Boston bar canopy Boston Shunters

There's not much to see on the platform side. The main platform is now covered by a modern metal shelter and the bridge (from where this photo was taken) spans where once must have been a number of through roads.

Boston station

This view looks west at the footbridge and platform 2:

Boston footbridge

Looking west from the bridge:

Boston, looking west

Looking from the bridge over Shunters bar at the Boston stump:

Boston stump