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Collected date 10/05/08

Bedminster sign

Bedminster is a small station in the southern suburbs of Bristol, and although it has no particularly interesting architecture, it is gifted with lots of mural artwork. This Pythonesque greeting is on the wall near the entrance:

Bedminster Monty Python sign

The approach to Bedminster station from the road:

Bedminster approach

A subway under the lines joins the entrance to the two platforms:

Bedminster subway

Detail of one of the murals in the subway:

Bedminster pop art

This footballer points the way to platform 1:

Bedminster platform 1 sign

Looking eastwards along platform 1:

Bedminster platform 1 looking east

On the opposite face of platform 1 the track is overgrown:

Bedminster platform 0 looking west

Looking east along the disused platform edge:

Bedminster platform 0 looking east

Platform 1:

Bedminster platform 1

Platform 2:

Bedminster platform 2

The platforms at Bedminster have been much shortened, as can be seen from the overgrowth beyond the barriers here:

Bedminster overgrown ends

Looking west at platform 1 with platforms 2 and 3 on the right:

Bedminster platforms

Looking westwards along the line between the two ramps that link the platforms to the subway:

Bedminster looking west