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Collected date 20/08/12

Beasdale sign

Beasdale was the day's first station, and a short downhill cycle ride to the Prince's Cairn, a modern memorial of Charles Edward Stuart's final departure from Scotland. It was of course then a rather more tiring uphill cycle ride back to the station!

The entrance to the station is through the gate on the right. Although the building on the left backs onto the platform it is not used by the railway:

Beasdale entrance

One steps onto the gravelled platform next to this wooden shelter:

Beasdale shelter

Looking east along the platform:

Beasdale platform

At the eastern end of the station is this building:

Beasdale building

Looking east along the line from the end of the platform:

Beasdale looking east

From the other end of the platform, the view westwards:

Beasdale looking west