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Collected date 11/05/08


Avoncliff station is a small request stop near the point where the Kennet and Avon canal crosses both the railway and the river Avon on the Avoncliff aqueduct. The station entrance seen from the aqueduct:

Avoncliff aqueduct

Looking down the steps towards platform 1, showing the original station lamp-posts and platform 2 beyond the tracks:

Avoncliff steps

Platform 1, looking westwards:

Avoncliff platform 1 looking west

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Avoncliff looking east

Looking west on platform 1 towards the aqueduct eith the steps to platform 2 on the right:

Avoncliff looking west

Platform 2:

Avoncliff platform 2

An old-style sign on platform 2celebrating the station's 2006 centenary:

Avoncliff old sign

Looking east at the station platforms from the aqueduct:

Avoncliff from aqueduct