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Audley End

Collected date 30/08/04

Audley End sign

On a showery August Bank Holiday I bought a Network Railcard from Cambridge station and decided to visit Whittlesford. Unfortunately, when the train got there the doors would not open so I ended up being carried onwards to Audley End. I got off there and, slightly anxious about risking a penalty fare for overriding, I went to the ticket office and explained things to the lady there. She wrote me a short "please pass this passenger back to Whittlesford" note with the station stamp on, and apologised.

In fact, I didn't mind very much at all, since I was able to collect Audley End and still had time to get off at Whittlesford. Here's the front of the station building, showing the distinctive arch:

Audley End front Audley End front, showing

From the side:

Audley End side

The rear of the station building is on platform 1, for trains up to Liverpool Street, where a modern shelter has been built:

Audley End rear Audley End platform 1 and new

Across the footbridge is a smaller building on platform 2:

Audley End platform 2