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Collected date 16/05/08

Ashchurch sigh

The name of Ashchurch station has been qualified with for Tewkesbury since the branch line to the town closed in 1961. The station was rebuilt in 1994 and currently has two platforms, seem here looking south:

Ashchurch platforms

Each platform has a small glazed shelter:

Ashchurch shelter

The platforms are joined by a ramped footbridge:

Ashchurch footbridge

The entrance to the station:

Ashchurch entrance

Branching off the east side of the main line at Ashchurch is an MOD siding:

Ashchurch MOD siding

It looks like there may once have been a platform on what is now the siding:

Ashchurch disused platform

Looking north towards Worcester and the down goods loop:

North from Ashchurch

Looking south towards Cheltenham:

South from Ashchurch