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Railway Technical Info - Netherlands

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SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
heavy rail: main systemstandardRH1500V DC overhead 
heavy rail: high-speed linesstandardvaries25kV 50Hz AC overhead 
heavy rail: BetuwelijnstandardRH25kV 50Hz AC overhead 

Heavy rail high-speed lines - Rule of the Road:
The Schiphol - Rotterdam line is RH; the Rotterdam - Belgium line is LH.

Amsterdam area

SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
metrostandardRH750V DC third rail 
tramsstandardRH, circles600V DC overhead 

Rotterdam / Den Haag area

SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
Rotterdam: metrostandardRH750V DC third rail (but see note below) 
Rotterdam: tramsstandardRH, circles600V DC overhead 
RandstadRailstandardRH750V DC overheadconnected to Rotterdam metro and Den Haag trams
Den Haag: tramsstandardRH, circles600V DC overhead 

Rotterdam Metro Electrification:
The Calandlijn branch from Capelsebrug to De Tochten and Binnenhof has overhead electrification, not third rail.

Other local systems

SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
Utrecht SneltramstandardRH, stubs750V DC overhead 


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