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Railway Technical Info - Spain

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SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
heavy rail: high-speed networkstandardRH25kV 50Hz AC overhead 
heavy rail: 'classic' network1668mm (5' 6")RH (see below for exceptions)3000V DC overhead 
heavy rail: narrow-gaugemetreLH1500V DC overheadformer FEVE network

RENFE Rule of the Road
This is generally RH, but lines of the former FC del Norte (between Madrid and the north coast) are LH. In particular, this includes:

Note that lines in this area built or doubled by RENFE are likely to be RH.

Madrid area

SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
Madrid: metro1445 mmLH600/1500V DC overhead 
Madrid: "Metro Ligero"standardRH, stubs750V DC overhead 
Parla: tramsstandardRH750V DC overheada single circular route
Cercedilla - Los Cotos linemetren/a1500V DC overhead 


SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
Cadiz: tram-train1668mmRH750/3000V DC overheadunder construction
Granada: "Metro Ligero"standardRH, stubs750V DC overheadunder construction
Jaén: tramsstandardRH, stubs750V DC overheadout of service
Málaga: metrostandardRH, stubs750V DC overhead 
Vélez-Málaga: tramsstandardRH?750V DC overheadout of service
Sevilla: metrostandardRH750V DC overhead 
Sevilla: tramsstandardRH, stubs750V DC overhead 

Catalunya {Catalonia}

SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
FGC: Llobregat / Espanya routesmetreRH1500V DC overhead 
FGC: Montserratmetre, Abt rackn/a1500V DC overhead? 
FGC: Vallès / Catalunya routesstandardRH1200V DC overhead 
FGC: Vall de Núriametre, Abt rackn/a1500V DC overhead 
Barcelona: metro line L11676mm (5' 6")RH1500V DC overhead 
Barcelona: metro, lines L9, L10standardRH1500V DC overhead 
Barcelona: metro, other linesstandardRH1200V DC overhead 
Barcelona: tramsstandardRH, stubs750V DC overhead? 

Mallorca {Majorca}

SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
SFMmetreRH?1500V DC overhead 
Palma: metrometreRH?1500V DC overhead 
FC de Sóller3' (914mm)?600V DC overhead 

País Vasco / Euskal Herria {Basque Country}

SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
EuskoTrenmetreLH1500V DC overhead 
Bilbao: metrometreLH1500V DC overhead 
Bilbao: tramsmetreRH, stubs750V DC overhead 
Vitoria/Gasteiz: tramsmetreRH, stubs750V DC overhead 


SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
Valencia: metrometreRH1500V DC overhead 
Valencia: tramsmetreRH750V DC overhead 
Benidorm - Denia linemetrenonenone 
Alacant: tramsmetreRH, stubs750V DC overhead 

Other local systems

SystemTrackRouteElectrification Comment
A Coruña: tramsmetreRH750V DC overhead? 
Murcia: tramsstandardRH750V DC overhead 
Tenerife: tramsstandardRH750V DC overhead 
Zaragoza: tramsstandardRH750V DC overhead? 


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