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Last Postal Collection Times, North East

This page lists last collection times for post from various postboxes in the North East: Teesside, County Durham, Northumberland. The contents are as described in the introduction to this section. List entries are grouped in broad geographical areas, and sorted by the full letter box number. Any corrections, updates and additions are welcome - see my contact details.


Letter Box No.Location Mon - FriSatLast checkSourceComments
DH1 5Old Elvet, outside Old Shire Hall 18:3012:0026/04/08  
DH1 6The College gateway (North Bailey / South Bailey junction) 17:3012:0026/04/08 set into wall
DH1 26The Avenue / Crossgate Peth / Percy Lane junction 17:3012:0025/04/08 set into wall
DH1 33The Avenue / Sutton Street corner 17:3012:0025/04/08  
DH1 50Market Place, near Neptune statue 18:3012:0026/04/08  
DH1 286North Road / Reform Place corner 17:3012:0026/04/08 set into wall
DH1 313Claypath / Providence Row corner 19:0012:0026/04/08 separate slots for stamped and franked mail
DH1 349North Road / Millburngate corner 17:3012:0026/04/08  
DH1 352Durham Post Office (Silver Street) 18:3012:3026/04/08 set into wall
DH1 354Old Elvet, outside Old Shire Hall 18:30------26/04/08 next to DH1 5; franked mail only
DH1 356Durham railway station, beside Platform 1 17:0012:0026/04/08  
DH1 359Palace Green, near Owengate corner 17:3008:1526/04/08  


Letter Box No.Location Mon - FriSatLast checkSourceComments
TS17 556Morrison's foyer, Teesside Park 18:3013:0029/10/08JBC 

Newcastle upon Tyne

Letter Box No.Location Mon - FriSatLast checkSourceComments
NE1 30Neville Street / Pink Lane corner (opposite Central Station) 18:3012:0013/04/06  
NE1 153Neville Street, outside Central Station and the Royal Station Hotel 19:0011:3019/07/08  
NE1 500St. Nicholas Street / Collingwood Street corner 18:4512:0019/07/08  
NE1 776St. Nicholas Street / Collingwood Street corner 18:45------19/07/08 next to NE1 500; franked mail only

Saltburn, Teesside

Letter Box No.LocationMon - FriSat Last checkSourceComments
TS13 482Carlin How: Post Office, Front Street 16:4511:3012/04/07JBC 
TS13 505Carlin How: Kennedy Crescent 16:4511:3012/04/07JBC 


Letter Box No.Location Mon - FriSatLast checkSourceComments
SR1 18city centre: Vine Place 18:4512:3031/12/08JBC 
SR1 71city centre: Holmeside (Fawcett Street end) 18:4512:3024/12/08JBC 
SR1 192city centre: opposite Sunderland Post Office, Fawcett Street (middle section) 19:0012:3024/12/08JBC 
SR1 231city centre: Park Lane 18:4512:3031/12/08JBC 
SR2 3Ryhope Road / Belford Road 17:4511:4531/12/08JBC 
SR2 5Hendon: St. Alban's Street / St. Leonard Street 17:3011:4531/12/08JBCset into wall
SR2 14Hendon: Peel Street / Salem Street 17:3012:0031/12/08JBC 
SR2 30city centre: Grange Terrace 18:4512:1531/12/08JBC 
SR2 40Grangetown: Grangetown Post Office (Ryhope Road) 17:1511:4524/12/08JBC 
SR2 58Hendon: Toward Road / Gray Road 17:3012:0031/12/08JBCset into wall
SR2 63Hendon: Villette Road Post Office (Villette Road) 17:3012:0031/12/08JBC 
SR2 81Hendon: Gray Road, near Primary Gardens 17:3012:0031/12/08JBC 
SR2 86Queen Alexandra Road / Ashbrooke Range corner 17:0011:3003/03/09JBC 
SR2 107Ryhope: Ryhope Street South Post Office, Ryhope Street 17:0011:4502/01/09JBC 
SR2 128Grangetown: Ryhope Road / Rainford Avenue 17:4511:3031/12/08JBC 
SR2 130Ryhope: Ryhope Street South 17:0011:4502/01/09JBC 
SR2 166Ryhope: Ryhope Village Post Office, The Village 17:1511:4502/01/09JBC 
SR2 170Queen Alexandra Road / Winalot Avenue 17:3011:4531/12/08JBC 
SR2 188Hill View Estate: Westheath Avenue / Hereford Road 17:3012:0031/12/08JBC 
SR2 233Greystoke Avenue 17:0011:3031/12/08JBC 
SR2 248Ryhope: Ryemount / Runnymede (off Tunstall Bank, B1286) 17:0011:4502/01/09JBC 
SR2 286Ryhope: Beechbrooke (Waterworks Road / Stockton Road junction) 17:3011:3002/01/09JBC 
SR3 24Humbledon: Ettrick Grove, by shops 17:4511:3031/12/08JBC 
SR3 106Tunstall: Burdon Road (B1286), by Merryweather Rise and Redwood Grove 17:0011:4502/01/09JBC 
SR3 114Silksworth: George Street, Blind Lane 17:0011:3002/01/09JBCset into wall
SR3 133Silksworth: Durham Terrace / Somerset Street 17:0011:3002/01/09JBC 
SR3 140Silksworth: New Silksworth Post Office (Silksworth Terrace) 17:0011:3002/01/09JBC 
SR3 295Langley Road / Essen Way 17:4512:0002/01/09JBC 

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