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Last Postal Collection Times

What Is Here

These pages list last collection times for post from postboxes in various places in the UK. The information provided is that displayed on the official notice ("collection plate") on each postbox, subject to any transcription errors. It is, of course, subject to change without notice by Royal Mail. The format of the information is as follows:

Letter Box No.
Each postbox has a unique "letter box number", stated on its collection plate - for example, CB1 37. The first part of the number, CB1 in this case, is (or should be) the postcode district in which the box is located. The second, purely numerical, part is unique at least within a post-town area (one or more postcode districts), and in some cases for an entire postcode area.
The locations stated on the individual area pages are generally descriptive. If the postbox is outside a post office building, the official name of that building is used, with additional comment if this seems appropriate. Where a postbox is described as being at a corner of two streets, the street listed first is usually the one which the postbox is nearer to. In a few cases, there is no nearby side-street, so I have used house numbers or other local landmarks.
Mon - Fri and Sat
Last collection times on the relevant days of the week
Last check
The date that the collection times were last recorded for the postbox. Where the information has been provided by someone other than me, and a "last check" date has not been stated, I use the date of the communication (typically e-mail) containing the postbox details.
A reference for the source of the data, if it is not my own observation. This is typically the initials of the person who has provided it - I have not so far included official data from Royal Mail.
Any other information that seems relevant, for example restrictions on visibility or public access to the postbox, or nearness to a Post Office that has no external postbox of its own.

Any corrections, updates and additions are very welcome, including postboxes and indeed places not already listed - see my contact details. It would be very helpful if any reports included the same set of information as I'm already presenting for each postbox, in particular both collection times (Monday-Friday and Saturday); however, any help is better than none, and I'm grateful for all assistance.

What Is Elsewhere

Since I started collecting and publishing this data, other people have doing many useful things in the same area:

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