Welcome to Salmacis' Fountain

Name: John Robinson
Occupation: Theatrical producer/lighting designer
Company: Top Banana Productions
In Reality: Final-year student at Cambridge University

About Me

I am, in fact, a final year student of Computer Science, at Trinity College, Cambridge, though you would not know it to look at me and what I do. I spend most of my time working on theatrical projects, on an amateur or professional basis, and my leisure time messing around on the internet (mostly chatting on IRC). Trinity College is most generous, providing all students who want one with a direct Ethernet connection to the internet - my computer does run a www server, but because it's not on all the time, I don't use it as such.

I also like watching films, when I get the time and coordination to go and see them, listening to music, and occasionally reading not from a computer screen. I don't have a TV, and even if I did, I don't think I'd have time to watch it.

I was born and bred in Edinburgh, and I love it there. I very much hope to move back there to live and work when I graduate, but won't be too upset if I end up staying in Cambridge.

Beer, wine and whisky

Well, I promise I'm not an alcoholic. I do, however, have rather fine tastes in all three of these beverages (and I don't understand people who do not touch the demon drink, avow to rid the earth of the satanic influence of fermented and distilled beverages, bear holy crosses (do you get holy mad, too?) against the Grapes of Dionysus, don't like the taste of it, etc.)


I'm a definite chocoholic - here are the UK Chocolate home pages, or here for Cadbury's, or here for information about Green & Black's real chocolate (70% cocoa solids).


I live in Cambridge. I love it. It's flat. Here, look. I live next door to number 3 on the display. Please note that I live nearer the town centre than the camera which takes this picture, though.


Most of what I do is theatre. Mostly I do lighting design work, but I do also produce, chief LX, butcher wood... whatever you like, really, so long as I don't have to go on stage, in front of an audience. I've been doing it since I was at secondary school, and now hope to make a career of it (see also my Top Banana Productions pages). I've worked on too many shows to mention (but click here for an abbreviated list), in Edinburgh, Cambridge and (a couple in) London. Recently, most of what I have done in Edinburgh has been on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, including running my own venue, the Calton Centre. Most of the theatre I've done in Cambridge has been at the ADC Theatre, or with the Amateur Dramatic Club, though I have been lucky enough to work at the Cambridge Corn Exchange.
John Robinson jdr1002@cam.ac.uk

5 May 1996