Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzles on the Palm


This is the home page of the Palm port of Simon Tatham's portable puzzle collection. The palm port was written by James Harvey; it's not in the main code because of the horrors required to get it building for the Palm (see HACKING.palm in the source archive for details).

For an introduction to the games, and individual instructions, please see Simon's page; this is primarily a download page. Currently supported puzzles include Black Box, Bridges, Cube, Dominosa, Fifteen, Filling, Flip, Galaxies, Guess (a Mastermind clone), Inertia, Map, Mines (a Minesweeper clone), Net, Netslide, Light Up, Loopy, Pattern (or Nonograms), Pegs (peg solitaire), Rect, Samegame, Sixteen, Slant, Solo (or Sudoku), Tents, Twiddle, Unequal, and Untangle.


This game collection is copyright 2004-2008 Simon Tatham and James Harvey. Palm port copyright 2005-2008 James Harvey (portions copyright Ton Van Overbeek). It is all distributed under the MIT licence. As Simon says, "This means that you can do pretty much anything you like with the game binaries or the code, except pretending you wrote them yourself, or suing me if anything goes wrong".

To the best of my knowledge all code I've used in here that neither Simon nor I have written is compatible with the MIT license; see comments at the top of individual source files (pdouble.c, vsprintf-palm.c, trifle.c, doscan.c) for details.


You can download the program here:

puzzles.prc |

Documentation in plucker format, and the HTML documentation this was generated from (in case you want to generate something like iSilo docs), can be found here:

puzzles-plkr.pdb | puzzles.html

The source code (original source plus my changes) is here:


Read README.palm for details on what you need to build it yourself.

Note that this source archive will also build all other versions (Windows, GTK, OSX) of the puzzles, as well as the Palm version; if it doesn't then I'd like to know! There may, however, be slight differences in mouse behaviour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dragging doesn't work (people report this especially with Bridges)
This is usually because the stylus is held down for too long before starting the drag; this causes the Palm version to trigger a right-click instead, which can a) do nothing, or b) do something unexpected (e.g. in Bridges, where it lays a no-bridge line instead of a bridge). The solution is usually not to linger before starting the drag, or else to fiddle with the 'Right-clicks...' menu item until you find something that works. I have also had a report that turning on 'Write anywhere' for the screen has helped to solve this.

Recent changes

The latest published version is rfe20f6d16b....

Known issues, bugs, to-do items

Please report any bugs in the Palm frontend to Patches (fixing or adding something to the Palm support, specifically) welcome. Please, if you're reporting a bug or sending a patch, let me know the Revision: xxx string (in the 'About...' box ) so I know which version you're running.

Please see the original home page for details on reporting bugs in the games themselves, or for adding a new game.

Obligatory screenshot

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