Chaos Cottage BBS CP/M file listing as of 17 December 1998

Chaos Cottage BBS (2:255/94): (+44)-(0)1736-756633

Host SysOp: Nigel Woolcock
CP/M and PCW SysOp: Jacob Nevins

These file areas are accessible from conferences 30 and 31 - the local PCW and CP/M conferences respectively. Note that these files are not available from this web site; however, many of the filenames are linked to something vaguely relevant on the net (not necessarily an identical version). If there is a file here you would particularly like to get hold of, mail me and I'll see what I can do, although be warned that at this stage it may take months before I can even work out if I've still got it. (It should also be noted that I haven't logged on to CCBBS for many years and have no idea if this stuff is really still there.)

Throughout this index the acronym 'SEA' means that the file is a 'self-extracting archive' which will unpack itself when run under CP/M. If in addition '(DOS also)' appears then the archive will also unpack itself running under DOS on PCs.

Area 201: CP/M archivers and compressors

ARK11.COM       19k 19/12/95 ARK v1.1. Produce ARK and ARC files,
                             compatible with CP/M UNARK and also with a
                             wide variety of other platforms (MS-DOS,
                             Archimedes etc). This version contains
                             date-stamping code for CP/M Plus (optimised
                             for the PCW) along with a generic version of
                             the program. Documentation from ARK v1.0.
BASE64.ARC      30k 26/08/96 Encode/decode MIME base64 attachments. With C
BOOZ4CPM.COM    27k 23/01/96 PD barebones .ZOO extractor for CP/M. C
                             source included. SEA.
CPMUNARJ.COM    19k 29/07/95 CP/M .ARJ file extractor. A CP/M program to
                             dissolve archives of type .ARJ. Requires
                             reasonably large TPA (53K) - PCW users need
                             not worry. Z80 only. SEA.
LHFAKE.ARC       8k 24/06/95 Creates 'fake' LHA/LZH archives (no
                             compression). Use with CRR to produce valid
                             reply packets.
LT31.ARC        30k 26/12/97 LT v31. View/extract library (LBR), squeezed
                             (?Q?), crunched (?Z?), and LZH (?Y?) files.
MAILUTIL.COM    27k 23/01/96 Various utilities ported from Unix to make
                             life easier for those using UUCP, Unix
                             files, or internet in general. Includes:
                             SHAR/UNSHAR: utilities for handling SHell
                             ARchives; UUENC/UUDEC: UUencode and UUdecode
                             for sending and receiving files via email;
                             BTOA/ATOB: like UUENC/DEC but slightly more
                             efficient; UNTAR: dissolve Unix .tar
                             archives; ZCAT: undo Unix compress (.Z)
                             files; LFCONV: convert Unix text to CP/M and
                             vice versa; ROT13: decode rot13 cipher.
NULU.COM        15k 17/06/95 Library Utility v1.5 - for extracting *.LBR
PMAUTOAE.COM    38k 11/07/95 PMARC and PMEXT. Dissolve LHA, LZH and PMA
                             archives and create your own PMA archives
                             (including self-extracting archives). SEA.
POPCOM.COM       4k 19/12/95 PopCom reduces disc space taken up by
                             executable (.COM) files while still allowing
                             them to run. Use POPCOM with no parameters
                             for help.
UNARC.COM        5k 17/06/95 Extract .ARK and .ARC files (Z80 only)
UNARCA.COM       6k 25/06/95 UNARC for 8080 systems (slower than Z80
UNCR.COM         9k 17/06/95 Decompress *.?Q?, *.?Z?, *.?Y? files
UNZIP.COM        5k 14/04/96 Unzip _some_ .ZIP files (up to PKZip v1.10).
UUCODE.COM       3k 18/06/95 UUencode/decode (*.UUE); also XXencode/decode
UUDEC101.COM    13k 01/04/97 UUDECODE v1.01. More versatile decoder than
                             UUCODE; includes assembler source. SEA (DOS
UUENC101.COM    12k 01/04/97 UUENCODE v1.01. More versatile encoder than
                             UUCODE; includes assembler source. SEA (DOS

Area 202: CP/M comms and BBS software

ANSI102.COM      7k 17/06/95 [PCW] ANSI v1.02. This is a CP/M Plus program
                             for the Amstrad PCW that allows most comms
                             programs to use ANSI codes, thus allowing
                             the use of full-screen editors on bulletin
                             boards. No implementation of bold codes etc.
                             Also includes IBM to display IBM character
                             set - allows high-ASCII graphics to be used.
CRR0160.ARC     83k 31/12/95 CRR (CP/M Read and Reply) v1.60. An XRS and
                             QWK offline reader for Z80 CP/M computers. A
                             useful file to download with this one is
                             LHFAKE.ARC from area 201 (to compress reply
                             packets). See bulletin 4 for more info.
CRRDOCPS.ZIP    15k 30/06/96 PostScript documentation for CRR v1.60. (not
                             very useful unless you have PostScript
                             software or hardware - not for CP/M)
EMU102.COM      15k 31/12/95 [PCW] EMU v1.02. System extension for PCW to
                             emulate a VT100 terminal, such as is
                             required by some bulletin boards and by many
                             Internet providers. Supports most VT100
                             codes including bold but can cause problems
                             with some programs such as ZDE. Also
                             supports ISO-8859-1, IBM and Viewdata
                             graphics. By Ian Macdonald. SEA.
PCWCOMM.HEX     24k 29/07/96 Small PCW comms program, in HEX format for
                             people without file transfer programs. Can
                             be downloaded with MAIL232.
QTFULL.ARC     109k 08/07/96 The full distribution of QTerm v4.3f, with
                             the high-speed PCW-specific patch included.
                             Fast comms program including scripts and
                             VT100 emulation.
QTSMALL.HEX     60k 29/07/96 A minimal distribution of the comms program
                             QTerm customised for the PCW, in HEX format
                             for people without file transfer programs.
                             Can be downloaded with MAIL232.
VDXSEA.COM      23k 18/03/97 [PCW] VDX - Viewdata terminal emulator (comms
                             program). Useful for some home banking
                             systems, etc. Works with CPS8256 and Fax
                             Link - note that VDX is preset for Fax Link
                             usage and will need to be patched to work
                             with a CPS8256 (instructions supplied). With
                             source. SEA.
ZMPFAX.ARC      94k 16/11/96 [PCW] Version of ZMP 1.5 (comms program) set
                             up for PCW with Fax Link interface.
ZMPPCW96.ARC    89k 19/08/95 [PCW] ZMP v1.5. Amstrad PCW specific version
                             of the ZMP (Z-Modem Program) program with a
                             patch to allow reliable use of speeds of up
                             to 9600 bps with the ordinary CPS 8256
                             interface or equivalent. A fully connected
                             modem cable is required.

Area 203: CP/M text files and tutorials

AMSTRAD.RUL      4k 07/01/97 Rules for AMSTRAD echo conference (conf 324)
ARCINFO.ARC      5k 28/04/96 Technical info on ARC/ARK file format.
BASICTXT.COM     5k 24/02/96 Information on using Mallard BASIC (as
                             supplied with PCWs). Uploaded by Andy Young.
CPM.RUL          4k 24/06/95 Rules for CPM echo conference (conf 381)
CPMCDIDX.LZH   412k 31/03/96 Complete index of Walnut Creek CP/M CD-ROM.
                             Note file size - 1.5Mb uncompressed.
CPMCDIX3.LZH   410k 09/04/96 CP/M CD-ROM index cut into three parts (each
                             less than 600k) for people with only 720k
CPMCDVW.ARC     22k 09/06/96 CDVIEW v1.1. CP/M utility for viewing
                             CPMCDIDX.LZH. With C source.
CPMFAQ.ARC      44k 17/12/98 FAQ (2 Nov 98) for comp.os.cpm Usenet
                             newsgroup (conf 1051).
CPMFILES.ARC    16k 17/12/98 CP/M areas: index of files (ARChived)
CPMFILES.TXT    37k 17/12/98 CP/M areas: index of files (uncompressed)
CSA8FAQ.ARC     59k 17/12/98 FAQ (v1.03) for comp.sys.amstrad.8bit Usenet
                             newsgroup (conf 1055).
LBRINFO.ARC      8k 28/04/96 Definition of Novosielski library (LBR)
LOGOTXT.COM      8k 28/01/96 DR Logo tutorial in four parts, with
                             extensive command glossary, from Devon PCW
                             Club. Uploaded by Andy Young. SEA.
MDASPEC.COM      7k 05/09/96 Specification of MDA, MDP and CUT formats
                             (MicroDesign 2 and 3). SEA.
OBSOLETE.RUL     3k 24/06/95 Rules for OBSOLETE echo conference (conf 508)
PCW16FAQ.RTF    65k 16/03/97 PcW16 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in
                             Rich Text Format (RTF) - updated 22 Oct
PCW16FAQ.WPD    65k 16/03/97 [PcW16] PcW16 Frequently Asked Questions
                             (FAQ) in PcW16 word processor format (.WPD)
                             - updated 22 Oct 1996.
PCWEXPND.SKT     6k 07/06/96 Technical info on PCW expansion socket.
PCWFID.COM      11k 14/08/96 Information about PCW 'FID' files. SEA.
PCWIO.TXT       24k 28/06/97 Amstrad "Joyce" software interface
                             specification - official documentation on
                             PCW I/O ports, clock speeds, etc.
PCWON01.ARC      8k 23/06/95 Issue 1 (16/5/95) of 'PCW On-line', an e-zine
                             produced by Ian Macdonald for PCW comms
                             users. Includes articles on compressors,
                             QTerm (at 9600 baud), and UUCP for CP/M.
PCWON02.ARC      6k 03/12/95 Issue 2 (14/6/95) of 'PCW On-Line' by
                    Contains info on the
                             high-speed patches for QTerm, ZMP and UUCP,
                             and how to get PCW-related Usenet newsgroups
                             by mail.
PCWON03.ARC      5k 03/12/95 Issue 3 (17/7/95) of 'PCW On-Line'. Mainly
                             concerning the VT100 emulator EMU. This is
                             the last issue for the foreseeable future;
                             if you liked what you saw in issues 1-3
                             email Ian with your comments. Also needed
                             are articles for possible future issues.
README.TXT      15k 21/09/96 CCBBS user guide for PCW, CPC and CP/M users
WCUSER.ARC      38k 25/06/95 WildCat! user guide - useful - download and

Area 204: CP/M general utilities

35FIDP3.COM      6k 21/09/96 [+3] Drivers for 3.5" drives on Spectrum +3.
ADFSRD01.COM    10k 23/03/97 ADFSREAD v0.1 for Amstrad machines. Reads
                             files from an ADFS- formatted floppy disc.
                             SEA (DOS also).
ADREMDEV.COM     5k 16/04/96 ADDEV/REMDEV v1.00. Supplements to the CP/M
                             Plus DEVICE command to associate multiple
                             logical devices with one physical device.
CAL.COM          6k 05/04/96 Calendar generator.
CLOCK.ARC        5k 02/03/96 CLOCK v1.00. Status-line clock for PCW and
                             Spectrum +3. PCW users: if you have a recent
                             version of CP/M use PCWCLOCK.COM in area
COMSP100.COM     7k 15/04/98 COMSPLIT v1.00. Extract RSXs from .COM file.
                             SEA (DOS also).
DDOS100.COM     17k 21/09/96 DualDOS v1.00. Make discs which are readable
                             under both CP/M and DOS. For Amstrad CP/M.
DIF2.ARC        21k 02/03/96 DIF and SSED - utilities to maintain and
                             apply 'difference files' (*.DIF) to update
                             source code, text files etc.
DIRDATE.COM      4k 06/04/96 Patch DATE.COM and DIR.COM to use
                             English-style dates and to work beyond 1999.
DSHOW102.COM    13k 04/04/97 DSHOW and DPRINT v1.02. Create, display and
                             print documents with illustrations. For PCW
                             and CPC. SEA (DOS also).
DU504.PMA       55k 17/12/98 John Elliott's DU v5.04. Multi-formatter for
                             PCW, Sam Coupe, and Spectrum +3. Allows
                             formatting and use of a wide range of disc
                             formats including the XCF2 formats (more
                             space per disc) and DOS formats with a
                             suitable emulator, such as Tilmann Reh's
                             MSDOS22X.COM. Requires PMEXT to extract.
ECHO112.COM      6k 17/06/95 ECHO v1.12. CP/M equivalent of DOS ECHO
                             command - turn off screen output in .SUB
                             files. SEA.
FBAD58.ARC       4k 28/04/96 FINDBAD 5.8 (CP/M+ version). Find bad sectors
                             on disc and lock them away into a file so
                             that they are not used.
FINDPLUS.ARC    14k 15/07/95 FIND+ v2.0. A versatile text-searching
                             program; will search multiple files for a
                             given string, which can contain within it
                             alternative substrings and variable-length
                             wildcards. Includes 8080 source.
GOTO10.COM       4k 25/06/95 GOTO v1.0. Allows use of Locoscript 'group'
                             names in CP/M. SEA.
H2T101.COM       9k 18/05/96 H2T v1.01. HTML to text translator. Translate
                             Web pages into a readable form. SEA.
HISTPLUS.COM     9k 23/12/95 Recall many previous command lines. SEA.
ID105.COM       19k 21/09/96 ID v1.05. Identify files and view/edit
                             LocoScript identities. SEA.
LOGOFIX.ARC      7k 30/06/96 How to fix the rename bug in DR Logo.
MENU30.COM      10k 04/04/97 MENU v3.0. Make a menu front-end for CP/M.
                             Requires VT52 screen (such as PCW). SEA (DOS
MORE16A.ARC      6k 24/03/98 [PCW] MORE v1.6a. File browser for
                             Locoscript/Protext/ASCII/WS files.
MS901126.LBR    30k 24/06/95 MaxiSweep (26/11/90 version). File
                             management utility. Similar to NSWP but can
                             also handle crunched files and libraries.
                             Shareware. Note that this is distributed as
                             a .LBR file due to licence conditions. You
                             will need NULU or equivalent to extract
                             files from MS901126.LBR and UNCR or
                             equivalent to decompress the member files.
MSDOS22X.COM    39k 22/12/95 Allows read/write of MS-DOS discs, including
                             subdirectories. Requires that a drive be set
                             up to physically read/write DOS format; for
                             PCW, Sam Coupe and Spectrum +3 the program
                             available here as DU503.COM can be used.
MSO210.ARC      59k 28/12/96 MSODBALL v2.10. Allows conversion of 720k
                             CP/M discs to and from a non-standard DOS
                             format, usable by both CP/M and DOS
                             machines. Runs under CP/M and DOS. Obviously
                             a 3.5" drive is required for it to be
                             useful. For PCW, Spectrum +3, Sam Coupe with
                             ProDos, PC, and most other machines that can
                             read DOS-format discs.
NEWCCP10.COM     7k 28/07/96 NEWCCP v1.0. Extends built-in commands in
                             CP/M to include clear screen, full
                             directory, key redefinition and more. For
                             CPC and PCW. SEA.
RECVR21.COM      6k 09/06/96 RECOVER v2.1. Recover erased files.
                             Menu-driven. SEA.
SALVG100.COM    10k 23/03/97 SALVAGE v1.00. Attempts to salvage data from
                             a damaged floppy disc and make it readable
                             by DISCKIT etc. For PCW, CPC and +3. SEA
                             (DOS also).
SAP100.ARC       8k 20/02/96 Sorts and packs disc directories. Includes
                             Z80 source.
SAVEPAT.SUB      1k 06/04/97 Patch to fix a bug in CP/M 3 SAVE.COM.
                             Requires SID.COM and SAVE.COM on the current
SELEC101.COM    10k 04/04/97 SELECT v1.01. Select files from a menu to
                             perform a CP/M operation on; intended as a
                             front-end to make CP/M more user- friendly.
                             Requires VT52 screen (such as PCW). SEA (DOS
SELPTR.COM       3k 19/03/97 Select which printer port to use from a menu.
SETFONT.ARC     63k 27/04/96 SETFONT v1.02, ALTER v1.02, SCRCHED v1.01.
                             Screen character set managers for PCW, CPC
                             and +3. Handle most font types.
SUBTOOLS.COM     9k 04/04/97 Tools to make SUBMIT files more powerful. SEA
                             (DOS also).
SZAP38.ARC      19k 07/07/96 SuperZap v3.8. Menu-oriented disc/file
                             editor. PCW patch included.
TESTCPU.COM     19k 25/06/95 CPU diagnostic v1.1. Tests 8080/8085/Z80 CPU
                             for faults and reports any it finds. Also
                             reports type of CPU - 8080/8085 or Z80.
TIME12.COM       9k 09/01/97 TIME v1.2. Replacement for DR's DATE.COM to
                             set the date and time with minimal effort.
                             Works beyond 2000. SEA.
XTEND100.COM    17k 19/03/97 XTEND v1.00. CP/M Plus CCP replacement. Adds
                             new commands such as CLS and new
                             functionality such as improved conditional
                             execution. SEA (DOS also).

Area 205: CP/M games and frivolity

CPM-CORE.ARC    19k 15/04/98 Simple CP/M implementation of Core Wars
HEADHEEL.COM    36k 30/05/96 [PCW] Head over Heels. Released by author.
                             8000 series machines only (apparently; I
                             haven't tested it). SEA.
HITCHIKE.ARC   110k 28/08/96 Hitch-Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy. Installed
                             for PCW but patchable for other systems.
KIWILIFE.COM     4k 27/01/96 [PCW] Conway's cellular automaton.
                             Instructions included.
QUATRIS.ARC     30k 24/02/96 CP/M 'Tetris' implementation. PCW patcher
                             included; also includes patches for many
                             other terminals.
ROGUE17.ARC     33k 14/04/96 Dave Goodenough's port of Rogue for CP/M.
                             Graphic D&D-type game, predecessor of Hack
                             and Nethack. PCW patch included.
STORY.ARC        4k 23/03/97 Story generator for Mallard Basic.
TETRIS.COM      11k 28/08/96 [PCW] Tetris. 8000 series machines only
                             (apparently; I haven't tested it). SEA.
TRIVIA.ARC      23k 23/03/97 [PCW] Television trivia quiz.
ULTIMATE.ARC    36k 08/04/96 [PCW] Fruit machine.
WAND22.ARC      39k 14/04/96 Dave Goodenough's port of Wanderer v2.2 for
                             CP/M. Graphic game reminiscent of Repton,
                             Boulderdash, and Xor. Apparently. Includes
                             sixty screens. PCW terminal patch included.
WET.COM         10k 30/12/95 [PCW] Spin-dry disc drive
YUK20.COM        5k 30/12/95 [PCW] Does unspeakable things to screen in
ZXZVM100.ARC    80k 17/12/98 [PCW/PcW16/+3] Z-machine for v3/v5/v8
                             games. Take care when extracting on small
                             systems; contains a large (720k) file.

Area 206: CP/M editors/WP

ZDE16.ARC       42k 19/07/95 ZDE 1.6. ASCII/WordStar text editor. The
                             successor to VDE - includes numerous bug
                             fixes and new features such as proportional
                             spacing and Z-system support. As it stands
                             it is ready-installed for the PCW but can be
                             configured for any terminal type. Full
                             documentation in ZDEDOCS.ARC.
ZDEDOCS.ARC     35k 19/07/95 Documentation for ZDE 1.0, but equally
                             applicable to ZDE 1.6 (available here as
                             ZDE16.ARC). Includes full documentation,
                             quick reference sheet, and details of
                             changes from its predecessor, VDE.

Area 207: CP/M applications

DBQ13.ARC       57k 09/01/97 DBQ 1.3. Database system based on query
                             language. Includes formatted reports and
                             relational features. With full manual and
                             on-line help.
SCRIVNER.ARC    83k 07/01/97 Text-processing program with many uses.
                             Automatically generate documents,
                             mail-merge, and perform calculations, among
                             other operations. Many example files

Area 208: CP/M graphic applications

DRAFTMDQ.COM     6k 11/04/97 Queue files for MicroDesign3 to enable
                             ink-saving 'draft' printing on Canon
                             BJ-series printers (and possibly others).
                             SEA (DOS also).
GIFSTRIP.ARC    17k 29/08/96 Strip GIF89a extensions for CP/M GIF viewers.
                             With C source.
LDPIC102.COM     8k 31/03/97 LOADPIC v1.02. Display DR Logo .PIC files and
                             Stop Press .SPC files. For PCW and Spectrum
                             +3. SEA (DOS also).
MDCNV100.COM    17k 30/03/97 MDACONV v1.00. Convert newer "version 3" MDA
                             files (including MDPs) to "version 2" files
                             for use with MD2, etc. With C source, and
                             CP/M and DOS executables. SEA (DOS also).
P3GIF105.COM    20k 21/09/96 [+3] P3GIF v1.05 for Spectrum +3.
                             View/convert GIF87/GIF89a. SEA.
PCWBMP15.COM    20k 31/03/97 [PCW] PCWBMP v1.5. View (uncompressed) .BMP
                             graphics files in monochrome and greyscale.
                             With source. SEA (DOS also).
PCWGIF15.COM    20k 21/09/96 [PCW] PCWGIF v1.05. Allows viewing of .GIF
                             graphics files (GIF87 and GIF89a) in
                             monochrome and greyscale on the PCW, and
                             conversion into .CUT format files. With
                             source. SEA.
PICTL100.COM    32k 31/03/97 [PCW] PICTOOLS v1.00. Tools for creating a
                             "slide-show" with .SPC graphic files. SEA
                             (DOS also).
PRINTIT.ARC     69k 07/01/97 Print text in a variety of typefaces on PCW
                             printer (or other Epson-compatible). Many
                             macro features to automatically generate
                             documents and modify text. Plenty of
                             examples provided.
SP2BM100.COM    23k 19/03/97 SPC2BMP v1.00. Convert Stop Press .SPC files
                             to Windows Bitmap (BMP) format. DOS and CP/M
                             executables and C source included. SEA (DOS
SPD100.COM      12k 19/03/97 SPD v1.00. Download Stop Press fonts to most
                             BJ- or Epson LQ- compatible printers for use
                             with Locoscript (2.5, 3 or greater), CP/M
                             etc. SEA (DOS also).
SSPC100.COM      6k 04/04/97 [PCW] SHOWSPC v1.00. Create self-displaying
                             SPC files. SEA (DOS also).

Area 209: CP/M graphic images and fonts

Note: this section is currently grievously out of date due to a large number of uploads still to be fully processed.

DRAFTQ.MDF       5k 15/04/97 [MD2] 'Draft-quality' font.
FLAGS.TXT        2k 05/01/97 Information on FLAGSx.ARC.
FLAGS1.ARC       5k 05/01/97 [MD2] World flags [1/9]
FLAGS2.ARC       6k 05/01/97 [MD2] World flags [2/9]
FLAGS3.ARC       6k 05/01/97 [MD2] World flags [3/9]
FLAGS4.ARC       6k 05/01/97 [MD2] World flags [4/9]
FLAGS5.ARC       7k 05/01/97 [MD2] World flags [5/9]
FLAGS6.ARC       7k 05/01/97 [MD2] World flags [6/9]
FLAGS7.ARC       5k 05/01/97 [MD2] World flags [7/9]
FLAGS8.ARC       8k 05/01/97 [MD2] World flags [8/9]
FLAGS9.ARC       4k 05/01/97 [MD2] World flags [9/9]
PCW-CIRC.TXT     1k 15/04/97 Info about PCW-???.GIF - read before
PCW-CPU.GIF    162k 05/06/96 PCW CPU schematic.
PCW-KBD.GIF    105k 05/06/96 PCW keyboard schematic.
PCW-MON.GIF    159k 05/06/96 PCW monitor schematic.
PCW-PTR.GIF     94k 05/06/96 PCW printer schematic.

Area 210: CP/M programming languages etc

CHECK5.COM       8k 01/04/97 [PCW] Replacement for PCW Plus 'CHECK3'
                             listing checksum program. Adds new BASIC
                             commands to view, print and save listings
                             with the checksum numbers. SEA (DOS also).
CRTPL100.COM    12k 04/04/97 [PCW] CRT+ v1.00. Adds extra escape codes to
                             CP/M to make new screen effects such as
                             double height, bold etc, accessible from
                             user programs. Recent CP/M required. SEA
                             (DOS also).
DEBUGMAN.ARC     7k 08/10/95 Debugger manual for Hi-Tech C, recently
                             released at their ftp site. For the debugger
                             in HITECH1.LZH.
DWBASZAE.COM    17k 19/03/97 RSX extension for Mallard Basic providing
                             useful routines such as screen clear,
                             windows, etc, and also graphics for PCW and
                             Spectrum +3. SEA (DOS also).
EPROLOG.ARC     53k 11/05/96 E-Prolog v2.3. Prolog implementation for
                             CP/M. Includes Z80 source, examples, and
                             VALGOL, a tiny Algol-60 compiler written in
FATBN101.COM    22k 01/04/97 FATBIN v1.01. Create 'fat binary' files which
                             will run under both CP/M and DOS. SEA (DOS
HITECH1.LZH    190k 08/10/95 Hi-Tech C [1/3]: Hi-Tech C v3.09 for CP/M.
                             Needs PMEXT to extract. An excellent C
                             compiler for CP/M - was commercial, now
                             freeware. Manual is in HITECH2.LZH; library
                             sources are in HITECH3.LZH. An additional
                             manual for the debugger is in DEBUGMAN.ARC.
HITECH2.LZH     87k 08/10/95 Hi-Tech C [2/3]: Documentation
HITECH3.LZH     79k 08/10/95 Hi-Tech C [3/3]: Library sources
JRTPAS1.ARC    145k 12/05/96 JRT Pascal [1/2]: JRT Pascal v3.0. Now freely
                             redistributable. Compiler and utilities.
JRTPAS2.ARC    136k 12/05/96 JRT Pascal [2/2]: Documentation.
LISP.ARC        25k 02/06/96 Simple LISP interpreter.
REDIRBUG.COM     4k 08/04/96 How to fix redirection bug in Hi-Tech C. SEA.
RELHEX11.ARC     3k 25/06/95 RELHEX v1.1. Converts .REL files (with ASEG
                             or equivalent directive) to .HEX files
                             without filling in intervening gaps; can
                             thus be used to generate .HEX patches for
                             use with MLOAD etc.
SCI.ARC         33k 03/03/96 Small C interpreter.
SPLIT100.COM     9k 06/04/97 SPLITSCR v1.00. Split screen and redirect
                             output from a device to 2nd window. Useful
                             for debugging programs. SEA.
VLIB5CPM.ARC    87k 07/01/97 Library for CP/M Hi-Tech C to use Z-System
                             termcap features (and termcap installer to
                             use on vanilla CP/M systems). Also includes
                             improved CRTCPM.OBJ. With source.
VLIB5DOS.ARC    80k 07/01/97 [DOS] Library for Hi-Tech's DOS compiler
                             Pacific C to simulate a VLIB library to
                             access terminal features. Compatible with
                             the CP/M VLIB 5. With source.
Z8E1.ARC        88k 26/04/96 Z8E v3.5 [1/2]: Excellent debugger/monitor
                             for Z80 systems, with breakpoints, symbols,
                             and full-screen debugging. With manual and
                             utilities. PCW patch included.
Z8E2.ARC       162k 26/04/96 Z8E v3.5 [2/2]: Source code and WordStar
                             manual. Optional.

Area 211: Amstrad CPC specific files

QTEXT-PM.ARC     2k 19/07/95 [CPC] QTEXT v2.1. A small program speeding up
                             screen writes on the CPC (probably 6128
                             only) in order to reduce the number of bytes
                             dropped when using ZMP 1.5 at 2400 baud.

Area 212: Z-System files

AMSZPM3.COM     13k 15/06/96 Advice and utilities on installing ZPM3 on
                             Amstrad systems. Requires ZPM3N10.ARC. SEA.
ZPM3FIX.COM      5k 29/08/96 Fixes a bug which causes some programs to
                             malfunction with ZPM3. SEA.
ZPM3N10.ARC     51k 15/06/96 ZPM3 release 0010. A Z80 coded CP/M+ BDOS
                             replacement. Fixes bugs in the original
                             BDOS, offers performance improvements, and
                             adds features such as extensive command

Area 213: Other OS based CP/M utilities

22DSK144.ZIP   228k 16/03/97 [DOS] 22DISK v1.44. Read/write/format CP/M
                             discs on IBM compatibles. Includes 100+
                             formats, more with registered version. PCW
                             users: use format AMS1 for PCW/PcW discs.
                             Shareware ($25).
22NCE142.ZIP    51k 04/06/96 [DOS] 22NICE v1.42. Run CP/M 2.2 8080/Z80
                             applications from a DOS prompt. Shareware
AME86.ZIP       23k 04/06/96 [DOS] Application Migration Executive v0.7.
                             Run CP/M-86 applications under DOS.
ANAD207.ZIP    132k 28/02/96 [DOS] ANADISK v2.07. Shareware. Menu-driven
                             CP/M and DOS disc analyser for DOS machines.
                             Use to read sectors and to create disc
                             definitions for 22DISK.
CFX.ZIP         22k 29/08/96 [DOS] CP/M File eXpress v0.9. View/extract
                             CP/M compressed/archived files. Includes
                             support for BBS operation.
CPCEMU14.ZIP   501k 04/06/96 [DOS] CPCEMU v1.4. CPC emulator: minimum
                             requirements 386 and VGA display. Includes
                             CPC ROMs and many utilities.
CPCEXT.ZIP      11k 04/06/96 [DOS] Extract CPCEMU .DSK files.
CPCFS085.ZIP   155k 12/12/96 [DOS] CPCFS v0.85. Read, write and otherwise
                             maintain .DSK files, as used by CPCEmu. With
                             C source.
CPE51.ZIP      222k 10/12/96 [DOS] CPE v5.1i. CPC emulator: minimum
                             requirements 386 and VGA display.
JOYCE130.ZIP   252k 17/12/98 [DOS] JOYCE v1.30. PCW emulator. Requires 386
                             and SVGA, and DPMI (provided by OS or
                             CSDPMI4B.ZIP), and PCW system discs.
LU86.ARC        23k 09/02/96 [DOS] Read/write .LBR files (in the style of
LUE.ARC          3k 09/02/96 [DOS] Quick and dirty .LBR extractor.
MDA102.COM      16k 26/07/97 [DOS] MDA v1.02. Viewer for MDA, MDP, CUT,
                             and GRF graphics. Suitable for all PCs. With
                             C source. SEA (DOS also).
MIMAGE.COM       6k 27/04/96 [PCW] Utility to aid transfer between PCW and
                             MYZ80. SEA.
MYZ80111.ZIP    91k 23/04/96 [DOS] Z80 and CP/M emulator. Shareware ($30).
NUSQ.COM         3k 09/02/96 [DOS] Unsqueeze *.?Q? (CP/M 'squeezed')
PKXARC35.EXE    72k 19/08/96 [DOS] Create and unpack .ARC files. SEA.
STREAM.ARC      49k 24/07/96 STREAM v1.10. Transfer files between DOS and
                             CP/M machines via a serial link; DOS machine
                             remotely controls CP/M. Download this
                             archive to both machines if possible.
UNCR232.EXE      7k 09/02/96 [DOS] Uncrunch *.?Z? (CP/M 'crunched') files.
XARC.EXE        10k 09/02/96 [DOS] Quick and dirty .ARC extractor.

Area 214: PCW specific software & files

BIGTYPE.COM      8k 03/03/96 [PCW] Display files with extra-large
                             characters. SEA.
BLEEP101.COM    23k 01/04/97 [PCW] NEWBLEEP v1.01. Change default bleep in
                             CP/M and Locoscript 3. Also contains files
                             for Spectrum +3. SEA (DOS also).
EMPIC100.COM    17k 23/03/97 [PCW] PICTEMS v1.00. Create graphics screens
                             that display on booting. SEA (DOS also).
FLASH100.COM     4k 08/04/96 [PCW] Change beep to screen flash in
                             Locoscript and CP/M. SEA.
GRAPH.ARC       11k 09/06/96 [PCW] Utilities to print Stop Press and DR
                             Logo graphics on any printer (including
                             daisywheel) and to view/print PLOT33 files
                             using GSX.
KEYDF103.COM    12k 18/12/97 [PCW] KeyDef v1.03. Attaches SETKEYS key
                             definitions to a program and restores the
                             original keys on exit. Also acts as a
                             SETKEYS replacement and keyboard resetter.
                             SEA (DOS also).
LSAVER.COM       6k 08/04/96 [PCW] Screen saver for Locoscript 3. SEA.
MB23.ARC        99k 09/03/96 [PCW] Menu-driven Mandelbrot plot generator.
MKSCR100.COM    11k 04/04/97 [PCW] MAKESCR v1.00. Make a loading screen
                             for recent Locoscript versions from a .SPC
                             file. SEA (DOS also).
PASSW100.COM     5k 16/04/96 [PCW] PASSWD v1.00. Set passwords on CP/M and
                             Locoscript startup discs. Recent CP/M or
                             Locoscript version required. SEA.
PCWCLOCK.COM     4k 17/04/96 [PCW] CLOCK v2.00. Status-line clock for
                             CP/M. Recent version of CP/M required. SEA.
PCWOS.ZIP      838k 16/03/97 [PcW16/DOS] Files to make the latest OS
                             Rescue Disc for the PcW16 - requires DOS.
PCWSAVER.COM     5k 16/04/96 [PCW] SAVER v1.00. Screen saver for CP/M.
                             Recent CP/M version required. SEA.
RV.FID           1k 23/03/97 Put this file on a Locoscript 2.5 or higher
                             start-of-day disc to reverse the screen

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