Spaceships is a three-dimensional version of the familar game of Battleships[1]. It was devised and the first ruleset written by Sion Arrowsmith; the version presented on these pages has been fairly heavily modified by me (Ian Jackson).

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The informal rules are Copyright (C)1997 Sion Arrowsmith and Ian Jackson. The other Spaceships materials here (including the grids, formal rules, and SGML processing system) are Copyright (C)1996-1997 Ian Jackon; SGMLspm is Copyright (C)1994,1995 David Megginson. These are all released under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence, which requires that you give the source code away with each copy you distribute.

SP is Copyright (C)1994, 1995, 1996 James Clark, and has a BSD-style licence. Download and consult the SP source package for details.

Note that there is no warranty for any of this.

[1] Battleships may be someone's trademark.

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