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Things provided by me personally

I run chiark, the server that hosts these pages and others.

I have a free software page, where you can obtain free software that I have written or helped write.

I gave a talk at SANE'98 in Maastricht about free software. The abstract, full talk and slides are available to download and read.

My PhD thesis is available for downloading.

I have modified and developed the game Spaceships, originally devised by Sion Arrowsmith.

I run the Cambridge G-RIN (Geeks' Registry of Internet Addresses), which is a database of known BCP5 (RFC1918) private network addresses people are using, together with the ability to pick new numbers at random.

I have a collection of interesting quotes. mathew has a larger collection.

There is some information about me, if you're that bored, and details of how to contact me. Note that I have several email addresses; please use the right one.

If you have a silly environment you might find useful a form for typing in a URL. This can be used to defeat silly people who disable the URL entry box in a web browser.

My page full of broken hyperlinks.

Some places to start

Other local servers

The Computer Laboratory's list of all known information servers in Cambridge; the Olivetti/Oracle Research Lab's home page. The main Cambridge University server.

USENET FAQ repositories

Oxford Libraries Automation Service has a hypertexted repository by category, by group, and as a searchable index.
The Universiteit Utrecht Department of Computer Science also has a FAQ repository.
Finally there is Tom Fine's rather overloaded server at Ohio State.

WWW search engines

WebCrawler (a search engine). Yahoo, the searchable/subject/hierarchical index. ALIWEB's search form. The WWW Virtual Library subject catalogue.

Here's an Altavista search form:

Search for documents in any language
For an advanced query you'll need to go to Altavista itself.

Home pages of people I know

If you know me and would like to be added to this list, mail me !

The list of ucam.chat people.

Interesting and not-so-interesting places


The home pages of the UK Liberal Democrats, Labour Party, Conservatives and Scottish Nationalists.

Greenpeace International's web site.

Cryptography (quite political)

Information on Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), the program the US and UK governments and intelligence agencies wish would go away. The PGPfone manual.

The American Centre for Democracy and Technology (CDT).

The (American) Cryptography Export Archives. Chiffrement en France. Results of a survey on data encryption and the laws in various countries.

The RAND organisation's million random digits.

A profile of Alice and Bob.

International information

The European Union Basics FAQ and the Maastrict Treaty on European Union.

The CIA World Factbook 1994.

The U.S. White House home page.

Maps of European countries and world flags.

Novelties and other interesting Web sites

The Cambridge Panorama taken from the roof of the Olivetti/Oracle Research Lab's building.

Le WebLouvre.

The Trojan Room coffee machine.

Miscellaneous information

Morse Code and some phonetic alphabets (the type of `phonetic alphabet' used for clarity when reading out letters, rather than the type used for writing down pronunciation).

The Internet Movie Database and its UK mirror site.

BBC TV and Radio programme listings.

The Lout home page. Lout is a batch typesetter which is IMO much nicer than (La)TeX.

Culture Shock, the unofficial Iain M. Banks information site. A science fiction book reviews search engine.

A proposal for a 28-hour day and 6-day week calendar.

The University of Washington's Society for Human Sexuality archives. The soc.bi home page.

The Tao of Programming.


Cambridge information and related social stuff

chiark, my personal machine, and its users.

The Cambridge quotes file and GROGGS (the General-Purpose Reverse Ordered Gossip Gathering System).

Reviews of Cambridge restaurants. Submit your own reviews to Gareth McCaughan by email !

The Cambridge Arts Cinema.

Information about the Cambridge Cycling Campaign.

Dave Holland maintains a probably incomplete list of ucam.chat people.

The Internet

My list of UK shelf space service providers (now probably horribly out of date); the general list of UK ISPs.

The Blacklist of Internet advertisiers.

Internet RFCs (Requests for Comments), FYIs (For Your Information documents) and IENs (Internet Engineering Notes).

The IETF Home Page (the IETF is the Internet Engineering Task Force, and is responsible for the development of the Internet Protocol Suite); A description of the Tao of IETF (a hypertext, possibly-updated version of RFC1718).

8LGM security advisories.


The USENET Oracle. (Now renamed the `Internet Oracle' - bah!)

Infrequently Asked Questions about C (from comp.lang.c).

Infinite Ink's Finding and Writing FAQs and David Lamb's FAQ Maintenance Aids page.

The World Wide Web and HTML

The World Wide Web FAQ.

A Style Guide for writing documents in HTML. Technical aspects of the World Wide Web Project. The Hypertext Markup Language - level 1 and HTML+.

wwwgrab, a Perl script to get WWW resources by HTTP.

Information about Linux, including Debian

The Linux Documentation Project Home page (also mirrored at Manchester), and the Linux FAQ.

The UKUUG Linux SIG home page.

Debian Linux - the FAQ, the bug tracking system, and the mailing list archives.

Information about Unix in general

UNIXhelp for users.

The UK Unix User Group.

The Hungry Programmers, authors of LessTif and XWord.

Ian Jackson / ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk.

Use any browser Campaign for a non-browser-specific WWW