Who is Ian Jackson anyway ?

Contact information is elsewhere. I have numerous email addresses - please use the right one.


I work as a cryptographer for a Cambridge technology company, nCipher Corporation Ltd. We make cryptographic security modules and acceleration hardware.

I got my PhD at the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, working in the Security Group there, and was sponsored by the Olivetti/Oracle Research Lab (a CASE studentship). I was at Churchill College.

I graduated in 1992 from the Cambridge University Engineering Department, where I did the Electrical and Information Sciences Tripos (which was then the 3rd year of a 3-year course).

General interests

I enjoy reading science fiction novels; my favourite author is probably Iain M. Banks.

I am the Membership Secretary of the Cambridge University Science Fiction Society.

I do occasionally read non-work-related non-fiction; I am interested in psychology, philosphy, physics and mathematics, all in a superficial way.

Occasionally I build pointless electronic circuits, and even more occasionally I build ones with a purpose. I'm mainly into digital stuff.

I enjoy skiing, but my budget is rather limited; I try to go about once a year. I'm no good at it though.

I listen to the BBC World Service on the radio. In Northwest Europe this can usually be found on 648kHz medium wave, and after 1am British local time on 200kHz longwave. I find that the World Service are much the most reliable, interesting and informative way to find out what's going on in the world.

I'm an atheist socialist liberal/libertarian logical positivist, or something close to that. Of course, what I mean by those words may be something very different to what you understand by them - beware. Ask me if you're interested.

I like pizza.

I enjoy computers ...

I used to maintain the Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers list. I am also involved with the Linux community in other ways, including the Debian GNU/Linux project.

I am a member of the Usenet Volunteer Votetakers, who run the votes on the proposed creation, renaming etc. of USENET newsgroups. I've run around a dozen votes in all. Unfortunately I don't currently have much time for vote-taking, so I could be considered to be on sabbatical.

I use and advocate the use of PGP, a program which can bring the benefits of strong public key cryptography to the masses. For casual use you will find my bare keys, shorn of any certificates of their authenticity, here; for more demanding situations use certificates or exchange keys with me in person.

I am the author of Emacs Auto-PGP, a package of Perl, Emacs Lisp and C code which helps integrate the use of PGP under GNU Emacs. It comes as a GNU gzip compressed tarfile with a detached PGP signature.

I am a validation helper for Nyx (the public access Unix community in Denver, Colorado).

I have been the Membership Secretary, Filespace Manager and Resources and Discounts Officer the Cambridge University Computer Society.

Geek Code (3.12):

GIT/E d-- s: a- C+++ UL++++ P+++ L++++ E@ W--(+++) N+(+++) o !K w--- O- M V
PS++ PE-- Y++ PGP++ t- 5+++(++) X(+) R !tv-- b++++ DI++ D+ G e++++ h- r++ y*
Brit(Eu): H@<--:-- a-- s: hd--/ b m y++ X-:+ P- S++ R--- A+ C- T---! TV--
 (v1.1)   Ci MuRPC+IDAZ-FW---J? Am? Ac? Sinclar+++<-- B++ V-(--)

Ian Jackson / ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk.

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