Current rules of Imperial Nomic Game 21.

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  1. Minimal Office Holders
    The Game of Imperial Nomic shall always include at least two not necessarily distinct players who are office-holders: The Imperial Emperor / Empress (TIE) and The Humble Scribe (THS).

  2. What TIE Says Goes
    The decision of TIE is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The initial holder of the position of TIE is Duncan "Slakko" Richer.

  3. How to Play
    A Proposal is submitted by sending it by electronic mail or the World Wide Web to THS, who must publish via the World Wide Web the current ruleset, proposal list, and current scores of all players.

  4. Rights and Responsibilities of TIE
    TIE will judge each proposal submitted and accept, reject or ignore it. To ignore a proposal, the condition by which it is ignored must be explicit elsewhere in the ruleset. TIE may, at any time, modify or remove any existing rule or enact new rules, by the issuing of a Proclamation. In addition, e may, at any time, issue a Directive calling for proposals in a certain area.

  5. Rights of THS
    The Humble Scribe may rewrite a proposal to clarify its meaning, as long as the rewriting does not alter the meaning.

  6. Automatic Queueing System
    If a player has submitted one undecided proposal and then submits a new proposal, the new proposal will replace the oldest of that player's undecided proposals.

  7. I Think You Meant Something Else
    Any player may, at any time, submit a Point of Order to raise any issue relevant to the game.

  8. Application of Rules
    Each submission will be numbered and a new rule will apply to all submissions numbered greater than or equal to its own proposal unless it specifies otherwise.

  9. Resolution of Conflicts
    When several rules apply at the same time and have different consequences then the rule with the lowest number is applied first. Other rules may then be applied so long as they do not conflict directly with a rule that has already been applied.

  10. Winning the Game
    The game ends when an RLP is declared the winner of the game as per Rule 13.

  11. Definition of Players
    Each player of Imperial Nomic XXI is associated with one Real-Life Person, where Real-Life Person is defined in the obvious and usual ways. No players may have the same name as Real-Life People, nor may they have the same name as any other player. Initially, each Real-Life person is responsible for two players.

  12. Transfer of Ownership
    A player may give any game unit or quantity of game units he possesses to any other player by notifying THS. A Real-Life Person may give any player he possesses to any other Real-Life Person by notifying THS. When a player is created, the Real-Life Person responsible for that player's creation may assign it a unique name, different from the names of all other players and all other Real-Life Persons in the game. Real-Life Persons may retroactively rename all the players in their possession which were named before the passage of this proposal.

  13. HOW TO WIN
    A player becomes The Exalted Winner if at any time, it is the only conscious player. A player also becomes TEW (Added by P38) if they have more than 20 Groats, and at least twice as many Groats as their nearest rival.
    The Exalted Winner is then removed from play, and the game continues. When all of a RLP's players have earned the title of TEW, the RLP is the winner of the game.

  14. Bonking
    Once per Day (the period between the Emperor's judgements), each player may Bonk one other player, except that THS and TIE may not be Bonked. The Bonkee is unconscious for the next Day, and the Bonker may not Bonk during that period. Unconscious players may not submit proposals, but if a player attempts to bonk an already Unconscious player, they are themselves bonked instead. Any conscious player may administer First Aid to an unconscious player they did not Bonk to cause the current lack of consciousness, thereby rendering the unconscious player conscious immediately. In return the administrator of the First Aid shall receive a reward of three Groats. The act of Bonking shall require the use of a Blunt Instrument. Blunt Instruments will break after a number of uses which shall depend on the particular instrument used. Available Blunt Instruments are: the Cosh (2 uses), the Club (5 uses) and the Bludgeon (10 uses). A Blunt Instrument may only be used by the Player in whose possession it is. Initially, no player possesses a Blunt Instrument. (Added by P37) If a player A bonks a player B, no other players belonging to the same RLP as player A may provide first Aid to player B.

  15. Enactment
    The legality of a proposal, regardless of its acceptability, is judged using the rules as they stood at the beginning of the Day in which the proposal is judged. Proposals accepted during the day will not cause a proposal to become illegal if it was legal at the beginning of the day.

  16. Currency
    A currency (the Groat) shall exist in game 21. No game object (other than Groats, or subdivisions/multiples thereof) shall be possessed by a player unless it has first been purchased with Groats by a player. Every accepted proposal shall cause the player which proposed it to be awarded 2 groats. A proposal which is rejected shall cause the player which proposed it to be fined 1 groat. All players start with 1 groat. (Added by P34) No player may be reduced to below 0 Groats.

  17. The Imperial Weaponsmith (TIW)
    TIW can produce at most one weapon per Day, which can be bought by the first player to specify a weapon and pay the appropriate price in Groats. Each weapon (including Blunt Instruments) has as its cost the number of uses it has. (Added by P32) The specified weapon will not become available to the player until the beginning of the day following its purchase, and may be used immediately.

  18. Dog Shows
    A player may own a Dog. All Dogs have Fleas; initially a random number between one and ten. At the end of each Game Day there will be a Dog Show in which all Dogs currently owned will be entered. The Champion Dog will be that Dog with the least number of Fleas, and a Prize equal to the number of Fleas on the Champion Dog will be awarded to its owner. In the event of a tie for first place, the number of Fleas on one of the winning Dogs will be split between the owners of the winning Dogs, rounding up when necessary. One Flea from each of the losing Dogs will then move to each Champion Dog (Fleas wishing to inhabit the Best Dog). (Added by P28) Purchasing a Dog costs 2 Groats.

  19. New Players If each player owned by an RLP pays 10 Groats, then that RLP acquires a new player. If an RLP has no players, they can acquire a new player immediately.

  20. Daylight Robbery A Bonkee may be Robbed by the player who Bonked them. Any possession, other than a Dog may be taken. If the Bonkee owns a Dog, the Dog will Bark at the Bonker, preventing Robbery. If the Bonker also has a Dog, the Dogs will fight to the death, the Dog with the greater number of Fleas winning. The Fleas from the losing Dog then transfer over to the winner. During a fight, the Bonker may Rob the Bonkee. The winning Dog will not be in a fit state to enter that Day's Dog Show. In the case of players having more than one Dog, the Dog with the greatest number of Fleas will fight, the other Dogs merely Barking.


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